Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use and the leader in kitchen appliances in Malaysia, participated as the kitchen appliances partner to the inaugural and home-grown KL Big Kitchen Festival 2015 (http://www.klbigkitchen.com), organized by Kuala Lumpur City Hall in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Culture. This three-day food festival showcased the diversity of cuisine available in Kuala Lumpur from 29th – 31st May, this year.
Mr. Koh Soh Hoie, General Manager, Electrolux Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei said, “We are proud to partner KL Big Kitchen Festival 2015.  Electrolux has been a preferred brand for professional chefs for close to 100 years and is estimated to be present in the kitchens of almost half of all Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. In line with this heritage we were delighted to be showcasing the Electrolux Inspiration Kitchen Range – developed for professionals and adapted for every-day home chefs, at KL Big Kitchen Festival 2015. Chefs were cooking on appliances from the Inspiration Range over the whole weekend, enabling visitors to see how they can achieve fantastic results in their own homes.

The Electrolux kitchen appliances were used by the celebrity chefs from Malaysia and the world to demonstrate their skills in preparing the finest dishes to delight the visitors’ taste buds while providing them with new knowledge they can take back home and into their own kitchens.

The Electrolux Inspiration Range offers the full visual alignment across all product categories – hobs, ovens, hoods, fridges, dishwashers and even washers and dryers. Modern, architectural lines and authentic materials make the appliances elegant and distinctive, yet easy to adapt to different kitchen environments. The appliances line up precisely whether they are installed side by side, stacked, or arranged in a square grouping of four. Menus have been re-invented to make it possible to access clever functions in a more natural way with fewer steps. They also follow a consistent logic across all product categories for “learn once, use everywhere” ease of use.

The Inspiration Range includes:

The CombiSteam Oven, which uses a combination of steam-plus-hot-air cooking method invented by Electrolux for professionals. Cooking with steam prevents cross-contamination of flavours, making it possible to cook more dishes at the same time, as professionals often do. The latest model is a full 74 liters and allows for cooking on three levels at the same time. Electrolux has also made it easier to use a temperature probe in the oven, which professionals rely on, by mounting it on the front of the cavity.
The Inspiro Oven is based on the knowledge of several chefs from across Europe. Electrolux looked into their preparation methods of about 12,000 dishes. Based on this the company designed the oven that follows their sequences and parameters of core-temperature and food-volume to identify the optimal cooking method.
The InfinitePro Induction Hobs offer flexible, pre-set heat zones such as the ones the professionals use to cook multiple dishes at the same time. They also have intuitive touch controls that make it easier to control heat as precisely as professionals do.
The new Gas Hobs are now equipped with the company’s vertical flame burner, which was adapted from professional equipment to heat pans more evenly and efficiently.

The RealLife Dishwasher models are designed with a “just put it all in” loading philosophy, which comes from the fast-paced world of professional kitchens, where no one has time to meticulously arrange and rearrange the dishes to get everything to fit. They also have an optical sensing system that continuously monitors the wash to achieve optimal water and energy consumption.

The Inspiration Range Hoods demonstrate that big is indeed better. These hoods are highly efficient, using less energy. In fact, when you run the hood at its maximum speed you’ll use up to 40% less energy than standard models. Perimetral Aspiration – the innovative design in the extraction system, enables the hoods to capture fumes that often slip into the kitchen. The new design reduces the number or openings in the hood increasing the efficiency and reducing maintenance. The InverterTechnology makes for quiet motor operation and in SilentMode, it needs less energy to run than a standard light bulb.

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