For just two weeks starting 25 May 2015, award winning Chinese restaurant, Chynna, is set to spice up
the appetite with one of the ‘Eight Great Traditions’, Hunan Cuisine promotion

A 30-year veteran chef hailing from Changsha of the Xiang River region in China, guest chef Wang Cheng Chun who specialises in Hunan Cuisine in collaboration with award winning Executive Chinese Chef for Chynna; Lam Hock Hin will take you on a unique journey through the prime epicurean regions of China from 25th May to 7th June 2015 in an exclusive culinary trail at Chynna; Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

Flying more than 2,500 kilometres all the way from Shenzhen, China to Kuala Lumpur city for two weeks

only, Chef Wang who oversees the Chinese kitchen at Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai; China promises to awaken your taste buds with the vibrant flavours of spices of traditional Hunan Cuisine. Hunan or known as Xiang cuisine, stems from a province that has an age-old reputation as a “land of fish and rice” and is one of the “Eight Great Traditions” of Chinese gastronomy. Its dry hot – hot spicy flavour, use of chili peppers, shallots and garlic is noted for its pungency, thanks to its liberal use of spices, especially the use of chili.

A passionate cook and a big fan of aromatics and flavourful ingredients, Chef Wang’s recipes are inspired and influenced by the Hunan cuisine – Hunan food is characterised by its hot and sour flavor, fresh aroma, deep color, and the prominence of the main flavor in the dishes. Wang’s signature dishes – his personal favourite and specialised dishes to cook are cold weather delicacies such as braised fresh beef tendon with winter bamboo and explosively flavorful steamed freshwater fish head with chili sauce, among others. The dishes require elaborate preparation, another hallmark of his specialty.

Special dishes available during the promotion period include deep fried duck with white sesame seed, sweet and sour soup, sautéed lamb shoulder with romaine lettuce, double boiled fresh hen soup with

black agaric and Hunan lotus seed, to name a few.

This special two-week promotion on Hunan Cuisine will be available for À la carte orders and will also feature a specially created seven-course menu priced at RM220nett per person. Hilton Premium Club members and Maybank Cardholders enjoy 20% discount while in-house guests at  Hilton Kuala Lumpur during the promotion period receive 10% discount. All reservations can be made by calling Dining Reservations at +603 2264 2596 or visit for more information.

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