Mun Kee Steamed Fish comes pretty famous with its stall concept of steam fish delights. The steamed fish restaurant which had already few outlets and we visited one of its outlet in Jalan Ipoh recently.

Not even a restaurant itself with no proper shoplots, Mun Kee here is located by the street and it is just at the same stretch with the hawkers centre. Nothing to fancy about the interior, it is just a normal small stir fried dishes stall.
meng kee steam fish
One of the famed items here is the Steam Fish. We had the Half Fish Steam Fish with Loads of Garlic (RM 25.00) on top. The steam fish comes good with the flaky meat and also its sweetness of the fish remains in it. Nice!
meng kee steam fish
Lil Grace surprisingly loves the Ku Loh Yok (RM 16.00) there where the pork is minced and cooked with the sweet and sourish sauce. The pork remains the juiciness of the porklicious meat in it.
meng kee steam fish
The “Tit Pan Tau Foo” (RM 16.00) is a good one too. Served piping hot on the table with the Japanese Tau Foo with it! It is as good as it is.
meng kee steam fish
Ended with the normal plate of stir-fried vegetables (RM 12.00)

Mun Kee Steam Fish
(New Mun Kee Fish Head King Steam Fish Hear (3rd Branch)
Jinjang Utara,
Jalan Jinjang,
52000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-217 7786 /019-7000 770

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