Who would have guessed that by serving up authentic Malay dishes using your favourite Mahsuri sauces at your own home, you could directly impact the lives of thousands of victims from the 2014 East Coast floods?

In the recently concluded Corporate Social Responsibility Programme which saw Mahsuri (Malaysia) donating 100% of sales proceeds from every bottle of Mahsuri range of sauces sold at Giant outlets nationwide during the extended period of 1 month long campaign, 26th March to 25th April 2015, up to RM 30,000 were raised towards rebuilding and upgrading works in villages in the East Coast region affected by the December 2014 floods.

The funds collected are channelled directly to the Desa Lestari Project, which aims to provide modern infrastructure to rural areas, educate and train locals to generate income through economic activities such as homestays and crops. These progresses are much needed so that the beneficiary villages can keep up with progress in the urban areas, in line with the country’s vision to achieve developed nation status by year 2020.

The progress of the Desa Lestari Project could not be possible without the hard work of the good people of the Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM), whose involvement is nothing short of crucial; from fund raising to execution.

“With the funds collected, we will repair and upgrade the multi-purpose hall which serves as a key relief centre during emergencies such as floods. As much as the rebuilding process is important, we must also have the foresight to introduce upgrades and progress. These are important so that the communities involved can learn to function and thrive as a self-sufficient economy. To achieve this, we will be using the other half of the funds towards education, skills training and also purchasing items such as sewing machines so that needy families are able to generate an income for themselves,” said Kamarul Halim bin Sakrani Head, Relief and Programmes Division, Islamic Relief Malaysia of IRM.
When spoken to at the cheque presentation, Carmen Liew, Marketing Director for Mahsuri, expressed her gratitude towards the support given by the shoppers at Giant, “We are very happy with the favourable response from shoppers who have wholeheartedly supported this cause through this simple Corporate Social Responsibility exercise. During the campaign period, we have observed double the sales volume.” Carmen Liew credits the success of the campaign to its sheer simplicity. “With just a simple act of purchasing any Mahsuri product, you get to take part in a charitable act as every single cent collected from each bottle sold is channelled towards the project. It is also heartening to know that from our Corporate Social Responsibility, an increased public awareness towards the ongoing rebuilding efforts have been created.

“At Mahsuri, we understand the magnitude of the devastation of the recent flood and how challenging it is for the communities affected by it to rebuild their lives. Therefore, we set ourselves as a ‘platform’ for consumers to do their part to help. Following this, Mahsuri will continue to run various Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns to consistently give back to the society, especially the less privileged,” said Carmen Liew, Marketing Director for Mahsuri
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