Be LOHAS had expended their outlet for one shoplots to two recently and now they are not just selling products but bringing you with meals in their shop too. LOHAS stands for “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” which means living a lifestyle that is healthy and environmentally friendly. The term has been cleverly translated to “Le Huo” in Chinese which means living happily.

Be Lohas uphold their initial commitment to promote genuine healthy vegetarian cuisine thru :

Healthy Ingredient
• 70% organic vegetables, organic & natural ingredients, grape seed oil/ olive oil/ rice bran oil, sea salt/ rock salt to prepare foods.

Five “No”s
• No MSG added, No GMO, No artificial colouring, No chemical preservative, No microwave cooking

Four Low’s Three High’s
• Low salt, sugar, oil and calories.
High energy, fiber and nutrients.

Purple Clay Cookware
• Unique purple clay cookware releases infrared when heated, breaking down the fats in food thus helps to lower cholesterol absorption by the body. Mineral released can raise the alkaline content of food in cooking, while iron helps in blood building.
Being that, we had our meal there for the first time and we had tried the Organic Soy Milk Curry Laksa Noodles (RM 18.90) where the hearty bowl of the curry laksa is cooked with the organic soy milk to cook the brooth and you can ensure that the bowl of curry mee is without any cholesterol. It is also using the organic virgin coconut oil in the cooking of the brooth together with the grape seed oil to replace with the traditional cooking oil. Aside, they also filled the Organic Dou Ban which is the unbleach flour and brown vermicelli, as well as the organic pea shoots, homemade sprouts. Topped with the alfafa on top.
Next we had the Fish Vermicelli Soup (RM 19.90). The hearty bowl of soup which is cooked from soy milk and served with the vegetarian fish with it. Instead of using the salty vegetables, they had made a healthier version by adding organic vinegar in it.
As for the Aglio Olio Spaghetti (RM 19.90); it is being cooked with the organic spaghetti. Tossed with organic ingridients like mushrooms, and bell pepper; the aglio olio brings us with the light spiciness.

For those, who are looking for a vegetarian delights in 1 Utama, Be Lohas is a place you can enjoy your meal in a healthier way.

Be Lohas
Bandar Utama
LG310, Lower Ground Floor, New Wing,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, 47800, Malaysia
Tel : 03-7725 0828

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