From the floating stalls on Bangkok’s waterways, Thai Boat Noodles are getting popular in KL and after the success of their outlet in Empire Damansara this year, they had opened more outlets in Klang Valley.

As we are in Boat Noodles in one of their branches in Times Square, we of course tried their boat noodles where it comes with the choice of beef and chicken version. This traditional noodle dish originates from Thailand, featuring a history of selling along canal banks or urban floating markets to watermen.


Boat noodle (RM 1.90/ bowl) uses rice noodle and served with chicken or beef broth and ingridients. This Boat Noodle is halal and you can choose from sour or spicy version which is either the choice of Pathumthani or Ayutthaya.

You can choose with the choice of Pathumthani or Ayutthaya where Pathumthani recipe is a dark soy sauce derived from the thick brooth and has the appetizing sourish with a delicate ispicy flaour. Made with approximately 19 herbs it contains a generous usage of 5 spice powder, staranise, and cinnamon stick. For Ayutthaya, it is originated fro the Ayutthaya province near Bangko and his intense flavor based of the creamy dark brooth with has not less than 10 herbs. The broth comes thicker than Pathumthani and it has a brownish appearance. Try its exciting rich and yet mildly spice taste.
And recently, Boat Noodles comes with more items where you cam try their Thai Fruits Salad (RM 6.90). The pipping spicy salad comes with the generous serving of cuttted fruits like green apple, grapes, cherry tomato and more in a bowl. For those who are a big fans of spicy delights, try them and get yourself HOT with the dish itself. The fruit salad brings us with a refreshingly sweet, crunchy and yet a spicy sensation
The Chicken Wings (RM 4.90) comes to my favorite too where each of the chicken wings in carefully choosen and marinated overnight to ensure that the fragrance from their secret recipe is infused into the chicken. Deep fried till golden brown and served with the Thai Chilli sauce.
The Thai Poppeye Tempura (RM 6.90) is where the fresh spinach leaves comes simply crispy and it lightly batter, coupled with a piquant dip. Nicely done and pretty addictive too.
Yum Meatball (RM 8.90) another appetizer not to be missed in Boat Noodles. A plate of meatballs with cherry tomatoes, topped with minced chicken and served with Boat Noodles’ home made sauce. It give a sourish taste and make the dish simply appetizing.

Next we had the Bangkok Omelette with “sood Yat” Sauce Rice (RM 11.90) is a simple dish but a good one. The hearty bowl of rice with the spicy sauce looks plain but once you mix them all.. oh my! the taste is awesome.
For the Kra Pow Chicken Rice (RM 11.90); which is another name of Thai Stir Fry Chicken with Basil is one of the signature dishes in Thailand. Cooked with the minced chicken together with the Thai Basil with it, the dish comes awesomely good with the light spiciness and strong basil taste in it. Nicely done!
Yum Mama (RM8.50) which is where the Thai brand instant noodles is being stir fried with the slices sausage, crabmeat, cherry tomatoes and leaves. The kick of light spiciness and the soft curly texture of the noodles comes sinfully addictive. We wanted for the second plate after a try but it is sold out. This shows how delicious the item is!

Yum Woon Sen (RM 13.00) however won my heart as I am a big fans of glass noodles. The plate of glass noodles with the sourish sauce and a light spiciness that topped with the squids and crabstick with it is simply good.
We ended with the Thai Pandan Dessert – Ka-nam Tuay (RM1 for 2) which is alike the Malaysian style of Kuih Talam. The pandan desserts were served in saucers and has two layers; a coconut top and a pandan base.

Aside from the main, their beverage had comes to our favorite with additional drinks in their menu with the ice blended green tea and ice blended coconut.

Boat Noodles Outlets: :
Empire Damansara, G03a, Heritage Lane
The School @ Jaya One, P2, Same floor as Cold Storage
Ikon Cheras, G Floor
Publika Block C5, Level G3, Lot 30a
Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru L2-550C
Gamuda Walk, Setia Alam
Klang Parade, 5th Floor


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