Discover 6 reasons why every self-proclaimed foodie should make a food journey to Singapore, the culinary capital of Asia

A “foodie” is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. If you happened to fall under the category of a “foodie”, you will find the joys of culinary adventures as a hobby that others will never understand. From venturing across the streets in search of the best street hawkers to splurging on five star gourmet cuisines by star chefs – each journey is a culinary experience that can be experienced just across the causeway in Singapore.

Singapore, a city that was once known for their street hawkers has now morphed into a culinary capital with a multitude of gourmet eateries, award-winning restaurants and celebrity fine dining experiences that foodies can only dream of savoring. It was recently announced that Singapore was also chosen to be the next host country for the much anticipated, competitive cooking reality show, the MasterChef Asia!

So why should foodies visit this country and how did Singapore make its rise to being the culinary capital of Asia?

Foodie Reason #1: Chance for Foodies to “Wok” the talk with Master Chef Asia in Singapore!

Foodies who feel they have the chops to be a culinary master can get ready to “wok” the talk, as competitive cooking reality show, MasterChef is coming to Asia and will be hosted by Singapore! Set to be filmed in Singapore, the 15 episodes series will feature three judges alongside contestants selected from across Asia. For more information about the Master Chef visit

Foodie Reason #2: The Host Country for Prestigious Culinary Award – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant

Since 2012, Singapore has been the host country for the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards. This year, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants was held on from 6th to the 9th of March 2015. Foodies who were looking to explore award-winning culinary experiences participated in a wide range of activities at the event including a Summit conference and masterclasses by leading chefs and wine experts. 10 Singapore-based restaurants were awarded top accolades – Chef Tetsuya Wakuda of Waku Ghin Singapore was awarded The Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award, and for the third year running, Restaurant Andre was named the S. Pellegrino Best Restaurant in Singapore.For more information about the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, visit:

Foodie Reason #3

Relentless pursuit to unite the best in food and drink at a Gourmet Festival accessible to all

Singapore understands that foodies sometimes need to expand their knowledge on food and drinks – so that they can appreciate the finer things in life. On the 26th – 29th of March 2015, Singapore beckons foodie comrades to SAVOUR 2015, an alfresco gourmet event to indulge in Michelin star and award-winning cuisines from Singapore and around the world. The 2015 line-up of restaurants will feature over 50 signature dishes that will be an offer for you to create your own culinary adventure, along with a plethora of food and drink exhibitors. Foodies can also learn from the Best Chefs at the Master classes, experience a hands-on cooking studio, and attend wine workshops and other food experiences.

For more information about SAVOUR 2015, visit:!about/cee5
Foodie Reason #4

Foodies can now taste the culinary arts of Celebrity Chefs who has chosen Singapore their culinary home

Foodies who wish to achieve their dreams of trying out culinary art by celebrity chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, Jason Atherton and Daniel Boulud – just to name a few – can do so in Singapore.

Dine to the Cooking of the Naked Chef

Foodie fans of TV show The Naked Chef can also experience the famous easy-going style and use of simple ingredients of his cooking in Jamie Olivier’s ‘high street’ Italian restaurant “Jamie’s Italian”. For more information about Jamie’s Italian visit

The Taste of Michelin

Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton, who was famously known for being a protégé of Gordon Ramsay, has set up his own tapas bar, Esquina – which offers a choice of European cuisine to the ethnic enclave in Singapore. For more information about Esquina, visit

Another Michelin-starred chef who has chosen Singapore as his home for his culinary venture is none other than Daniel Boulud of db Bistro Moderne. Offering a stunning dining atmosphere with a handsome cocktail bar to boast, the db Bistro Moderne serves a seasonal menu by Chef Daniel and his Executive Chef Jonathan Kinsella, that consists of ‘Cuisine de Marché’, spotlighting seasonal produce and ‘Cuisine Classique’, French dishes that are reinterpreted with American influence. For more information about db Moderne Bistro visit

Foodie Reason #5

Young band of Singapore homegrown chefs firing up the local scene

Rising to be on par with the best of international talents are a few notable Singapore chefs who are quickly making a name for their own in the culinary scene.

A Visionary Chef

Chef Anthony Yeoh is the Head Chef at Cocotte, Singapore, a French restaurant inside Wanderlust boutique hotel. Chef Anthony’s interest in French food and exploring everyday and country dishes of France has led him to come up with this French bistro dining. Foodies can experience culinary fanfare such as Foie Gras Mousse or Steak Frites. For more information about Cocotte, visit

The Personal Chef

Singapore also has its very own Chef Daniel Sia of the Disgruntled Chef, a multi award culinary star who is of Asia Food Channel (AFC) fame. Offering a taste of modern European cuisines, Foodies can experience the wonders of dining at an intimate level as they savor Chef Daniel’s signature cuisines such as the, “curried muscles”, “baked bone marrow”, and “steak tartare” just to name a few.For more information about the Disgruntled Chef visit

The New Traditional Gourmet

Foodies who enjoy savoring dining options that are a little more will enjoy the works of Chef Malcolm of Candlenut restaurant. Born as a Peranakan, Chef Malcolm is no stranger to Peranakan cuisines. His background experience in French skilled dining introduced him to modern cooking concepts, which he implemented in his Peranakan cooking. Foodies can taste some of his delicious signature delicacies such as “Assam Sotong” and “Wild Caught Baby Squid Salad” just to name a few at his Candlenut restaurant. For more information about the Candlenut Kitchen visit,

Foodie Reason #6

Experience the first female hotel Executive Chef in Singapore

Most top professional chefs are predominantly males, especially when it comes to spearheading a hotel kitchen. Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne is the resident Head Chef in Sofitel So Singapore’s new Xperience Restaurant. What sets Xperience apart is that Foodies who dine there will have a chance to design their own customized menu, according to any mood, sophisticated combination of international tastes and textures. For more information about Xperience, visit

There are many other tailored experiences in Singapore that are waiting to be discovered. If you believe you are a true foodie at heart, Singapore the land of culinary expertise beckons you to try out their plethora of culinary adventures.

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