Being the first of its kind to have the characters from Warner Bros Movie World as ambassadors, the Penang Amazing World Studios thematic wonderland brings a pure sensual excitement and enjoyment to the whole family with its display of the exotic and extraordinary cultures and attractions from all over the world.

Also the first in Malaysia to link a leading international brand and its famous icons with the rich historicity and cultural heritage of Penang, PAWS offers the visitors a whole new surreal and sensational experience of sight, touch and feel using some of the most groundbreaking interactive multimedia technologies and 3D effects.

Leading the way through the tour will be the cute cartoon characters and cool superheroes from the Warner Bros Movie World. Looney Tunes creatures and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl are just a few of the familiar faces you will meet throughout the journey, coming to life through some of the latest visual effects and illusions for you to interact with, on the playground of the Malaysia biggest 3D map and other cultural landscapes.

Get yourself lost in the wonderland of PAWS where culture intertwines with modern technology, where creative craziness collides with grounded historicity and where the fantasy becomes a reality.

● Invisible Roller Coster – First in South East Asia

Put up your 3D glasses and get ready for an adventurous tour of the historical city of George Town. Are you ready? In this game, you will have an exciting ride in a roller coster to shuttle around the pre-war houses, heritage buildings and old streets in George Town.

●Penang No Name Street  

Penang No Name Street hosts famous artistes, legends and great historical personalities. Be immersed in the historical buildings, streets and stalls in George Town with famous characters standing by your side. The artworks are by Fei Giap, a local famous illustrator.

● Center of Attraction

Be the center of attraction as you pass by the Super Heroes, they will be gazing at you.

● Heritage Gallery 

Did it ever cross your mind that the Penang Ferry, Kavadi carried by the devotees during Thaipusam and other cultural items and icons closely related to Penang can be transformed into steampunk models and figurines in the amazing hands of designers? Come see the wonders of the cultural Penang represented in full on these adorable yet realistic models.。

● The Puppet Mirror

Korean famous illustrator Kim Jung-Gi creating Monkey God and Tang San Zhang, legends from the epic Journey to the West, making a visit to Penang. Be the stars in The Puppet Mirror as they take you around the attractions in Penang.

●Wonder World

The amazing trishaw, a three-wheeled vehicle. Hop on and pedal, and it will take you to the another part of the world where you have never been to. It’s the time to explore the Wonder World.

● Amazing 3D World Map

Malaysia’s biggest 3D world map. The amazing 3D map will bring you thousands miles away to behold beautiful sights and sceneries.

How to go there? 
Address: 4, Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown, 10300 Pulau Pinang
Phone:04-262 1992

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