1. leo says

    Hi,Konichiwa to you Sir/Mdm I would like to ask whether Do still Need any Employee To Recruit des ka? I know I’m a bit too old to apply for. I’m yon ju yon sey. I’vd almost 30 years from Department Stores To F&B & Retails Line.although my current status is not that perfect but I try to do my best. Now current I’m with the Aum Hospitality Company. Where is the New Restaurant is Ichiban The Izakaya. Well in particular Reason I have no hope and future although I’m with the company for almost 10 years.I really Hope that I can get a better offer then what I expected. Now my position as a cashier. Previous years started as a floor captain to a floor supervisor. That’s it hope your reply will be a surprise one. I’m currently staying in Pelangi Damansara. Thank you..hope to hear from you soon.Dom0 Arigato Gozaimasu.

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