“Qi” is that vital life energy force that circulates round the body, and it is important to maintain, balance and boost this energy. You can do this with herbal soups and dishes during the Shang Palace “Qi” Chinese Herbal Promotion at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The herbal promotion is from 9 to 31 March, and Chinese Executive Chef Tan Kim Weng has prepared an a la carte menu of soups, main dishes and a dessert that are double-boiled or cooked with herbs like ginseng, cordyceps, chuan gong, tian ma and wolfberries.

Get invigorated with the Double-boiled Abalone and Fish Maw Soup with Cordyceps which is good for the lungs and kidney.

Try the Steamed Farm Chicken with Cordycep Flowers and Wolfberries and the Braised Stuffed Spiked Sea Cucumber with Chicken and Red Ginseng to boost your overall health and energy.

There is also the Braised Oxtail with Par Kek and Tor Jung Herbs, Traditional Braised Herbal Duck Leg with Mixed Herbs, among other dishes on the menu.

An excellent dessert to have at the end of lunch or dinner at Shang Palace would be the Sweetened Bird’s Nest Soup with Ginseng served in Whole Coconut. Ginseng is an energy booster. Bird’s nest is anti-ageing and is good for the skin.

For reservations or more information, call (03) 2074 3904 or email [email protected] or visit our site at www.shangri-la-specials.com.

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