The American casual dining restaurant, TGI Fridays is introducing a brand-new promotional offer in February, that allows diners to enjoy an appetizer and two main courses at a great value of RM45.90++ in all participating outlets.

With an aim to reach and cater a wider range of customers, TGI Fridays’ Meal for Two promotion provides an array of palate-pleasing dishes while maintaining its signature flavors. “Since its inception, TGI Fridays takes pride in setting the standard of excellence by efficiently providing quality food for its customers” said Andrew Reddy, Managing Director, Chaswood Resources. “And in view of the fact that TGI Fridays has always been the preferred American-style diner among many Malaysians, we made it our mission to offer food at a reasonable price for everyone, without compromising the serving portion.”

For a limited time, Fridays’ Meal for Two promotion features a mix of existing and new items on the menu, with a choice of one of four appetizers and two main courses to choose from among the eight selections offered.

The appetizers offered include TGI Fridays’ Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes – a flavorful combination of mashed potatoes, Colby and Parmesan cheeses, chopped beef bacon, caramelized onions rolled into a crispy cake, served with a horseradish cream, as well as Chicken Nacho, Nacho Chili Roll and Bruschetta.

Diners can continue to indulge in their gastronomic feast by selecting two main courses from the many selections that are featured in the menu, such as Fridays Cheeseburger – chargrilled beef patty with melted Colby cheese, served with crispy seasoned fries, Hibachi Chicken Skewers – grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic soy sauce with a miso glaze, Fish & Chips – three pieces of fish fillets battered and fried to golden brown, as well as Chicken and Garlic Shrimp Pasta, Chophouse Chicken, and Outrageous BBQ Taco. For those who are looking for a light meal can opt for the Cajun Chicken Salad or the classic Chicken Caesar Salad – slices of marinated, chargrilled chicken breast, heaped atop of a Caesar Salad.

For a complete American-style dining experience at TGI Fridays, customers can also enjoy TGI Fridays’ signature Fridays Sundae – vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, caramel sauce, nuts and whipped cream, for just an additional of RM10.

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