This year,Si Chuan Dou Hua ushers the Chinese New Year with the extensive delicious dishes to welcome the Year of Goat. The prosperity meal which comes with 10 different sets are available for both lunch and dinners provides you with the variety choices of sets that cater to your selection from 2 pax up to 10 pax.

This year, we started the special Yee Sang which is the Barbeque Lamb Yee Sang 密汁羊肉鱼生(RM98.00 nett/half portion or RM148.00 nett/full portion). The bbq lamb yee sang comes adventurous to us where the yee sang is pretty special. Of course, if you are not a lamb lover, they have the options of other types of yee sang like the salmon, jellyfish, abalone, soft shell crab, shark’s fins, tropical fruits, & even vegetarian goose (RM58.00 nett – RM128.00 nett/half portion or RM98.00 nett – RM238.00 nett/full portion).
We had the Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Sea Treasures & Fresh Scallop (黄焖汤烩海中宝翅) where the soup comes rich and creamy. The smooth aromatic soup is divinely good with all the treasures in one bowl. Awesome!
Steamed Village Chicken with Dried Seafood & Chinese Herbs (海味当归盐蒸菜园鸡) is one of my favorites where the village chicken is well steamed with the Chinese herbs. It’s chicken remains its moist and springy texture with the fragrant herbs taste which is not too over-powering.
Stir-Fried Large Prawns with Egg White served with Fresh Iceberg Lettuce is my favourite. I give the dish double thumbs up! The prawns comes simply fresh and well done till perfection. With the egg white added to it, the egg white brings us with the smooth and fresh delights. It is accompanied together with the fresh iceberg lettuce with it.
The Braised Seasonal Vegetables, Beancurd & Dried Oysters with Pumpkin Puree (蚝士发菜鲍鱼蔬) is interestingly presented to our table. A healthy and rich dish to try off, the plate is served with the thinly slice pumpkins and beancurd which is well arranged. At the top, it is laid with the stir-fried dried oysters, “fatt choy”, water chestnuts, carrots, & sweet peas that give us a crunchy, chewy and soft texture.
The Fried Rice with Black Mushrooms, Lotus Seeds & Smoked Duck (香菇莲子烟鸭扣饭) where the glutinous rice topped with the black mushrooms, lotus seeds, as well as smoked duck. The duck comes smoky and sweet and it is indeed goes well with the rice. Very flavourful and delicious
We ended with their 2 desserts which is the Chilled Mango & Pomelo Sago (杨枝金露) where the creamy and chilled blended mangoes are served with mango and pomelo with the blended vanilla ice cream in it. Nicely done!
Steamed Nin Gao with Crispy Oats (麦香白年糕) is indeed special. The mochi alike is indeed well done and the nin gao brings you with the sweet delights with the hint of oats in it. Nicely done!

For those who are looking for the selection of menus, Si Chuan Dou Hua provides you with 10 set menus are as follows:

Sweet Prosperity RM158.00 nett per table of 2 persons
Golden Happiness RM188.00 nett per table of 2 persons
Auspicious Blessing RM488.00 nett per table of 4 persons
Blissful Happiness RM688.00 nett per table of 6 persons
Happy & Prosperous RM1288.00 nett per table of 10 persons
Smiles of Fortune RM1388.00 nett per table of 10 persons
Golden Prosperity RM1688.00 nett per table of 10 persons
Bountiful Wealth RM1988.00 nett per table of 10 persons
Prosperous Blessing RM2188.00 nett per table of 10 persons
Vegetarian Abundance RM1188.00 nett per table of 10 persons
* Each set comes with 1 serving of yee sang (different set, different types of yee sang), 4-6 dishes + 2 desserts


Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
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Tel: (+603) 2147 0088
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Business hours: Daily from 12:00p.m. – 2:30p.m. (lunch) & 6:30p.m. – 10:30p.m. (dinner)

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