John King egg tarts in indeed a place to go for when it comes to egg tarts. I have been a big fans of their egg tarts since they open back in Pavilion kinda a long time ago. John King Egg Tart is said to be originally from Hong Kong, and Pavilion is their first branch in Malaysia. They offer 3 types of egg tarts, the original, egg white only egg tart (healthier I suppose), and a rather interesting durian flavored egg tart. There are also lou phor peng (老婆饼), chicken pie,and siu pao (烧包).
john king
Recently, I spotted their another outlet in the new Quill Shopping Mall where the egg tarts comes really fluffy and goes very well with the very soft texture of the fillings that are not overly sweet nor oily. It felt very light and yet very delicious, the durian egg tart (RM 2.50) really does taste of strong durian smell and flavor. I had my durian egg tart with the bites of fragrance of the durian taste in it. Awesomely good.

John King @ Quill City Mall

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