From Jan 2 to Mar 31, 2015, award-winning Café 8 Degrees will present a selective variety of scrumptious delicacies from countries across Asia, the Taste of Asian Gourmets Dinner Buffet, features tempting gourmets of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong. Enjoy 15% discount with selected credit cards or purchase at hotel online eShop.

Start off the dinner buffet with the popular Assorted Seafood specialties, including succulent King Crab Leg, freshly shucked U.S. Oyster, plump New Zealand Mussel, Shrimp, Sea Whelk, Sashimi such as Shrimp,Salmon, Surf Clam, Cuttlefish and Sushi. Our revitalizing salad selections, nourishing Sliced Conch Salad with White Fungus in Abalone Sauce, Beef and Korean Vermicelli Salad with Sesame, Vietnamese Lotus

Root Salad with Shrimp and Pork, Thai Som Tum and more, appetizing diners’ palate ready for savouring upcoming Asian delighting entrées.

Be astonished with the fusion dish Braised Vietnam King Prawn with Garlic Butter Sauce, premium bouncy and sweet King Prawn from Vietnam, perfectly mingled with French creamy garlic buttery sauce. Be indulged in the Japanese Teriyaki Garoupa by simply coating with teriyaki sauce, retaining its silky texture with slightly golden brown pan-fried. Spoil seafood-lovers with Stir-fried Soft Shell Crab with Crispy Garlic and Chili Paste, crunchy Soft Shell Crab infused with Chinese style ‘wok fire’ and seasoning.

Spicy Chicken with Tripe Hot Pot satisfies spicy and numbing cravings with peppery chilli and herb while warming up your body. Roasted Duck in Red Curry is a must-try crossover Chinese ingredient and Thai cooking style, Chinese Roasted Duck simmers with red curry and coconut milk, bursts in strong curry flavour with a hint of lychee scent. Traditional Indian Lamb Rogan Josh is well braised and flavoured with varied spices to tender. Enjoy Other savoury delicacies as Korean Style Deep-fried Chicken Wing, Galbi Gui, Thai Spicy Chicken Feet, Assorted Japanese Yakitori and Tempura, Malaysian Satay and Laksa, Steamed Siu Long Bau, Roasted Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Jus, Roasted Rib Eye of Beef and more……

Top off and be pampered with our dazzling sweeties, an array of gorgeous treats including Mango Yukiitigo, sweet Carabao mango wrapped with chewy glutinous rice patty, signature Mango Napoleon, made-to-order Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Apple Tart, Sawdust Pudding, Chocolate Fountain with Condiments, Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream in various flavours and more.

Dinner Buffet
Monday – Thursday
HK$438 (Per Adult)
HK $308 ( Per Children)
Friday – Sunday, Public Holiday
HK$468(Per Adult)
HK $328( Per Children)

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