Is time for some delicious Spanish Fasting ! Sentidos Gastrobar and Dining, Feast Village at Starhill Gallery coming with their new promotion which is Viva La Vida, every Saturday evening had offers us with their line of Spanish buffet spread.

Viva La Vida occurs every Saturday night (8-10pm) and it’s a buffet spread of Spanish cuisines. Prepared by Sentidos Gastrobar’s very own Chef Kok Yew Nin, the RM98++ pricing comes inclusive of the chalkboard dine-in menu, which will be prepared upon request as well as the unlimited pouring of alcohol-based drinks from 8.00pm – 10.00pm. The options include Tiger draught, red and white house wines, and 5 choices of cocktails (caipirinha, caipiroska, margarita, sangria and mojito).



In the buffet, do enjoy the the each of every Spanish temptations. The unlimited savories which includes paellas, tortillas with ceviche and guacamole, cold cuts, salads and antipasti. Each of it is well prepared and placed freshly to be enjoyed.
Fresh ingridients and lovely fluffy paella comes to our favorites. The rice comes fluffy and good and each mouthful is sinfully delicious. The dish is awesomely good where I would give a two thumbs up on this.

As for the mains, do order them from the black board listed and this time they have a variety chocies to choose for from the BBQ Honey Chicken Wings, Clam Chownder. Grill Lamb Cutlet
Wagyu Beef Meatball, Grill Cmberland Sausage, Grill Vege Skewers, Spanish Paprila Chili Cheese Toast and also the Deep Fried Calamari

We started off with the chicken wings where it ithe BBQ Honey Chicken Wings is well marinated till perfectionist leaving us with the tender, juicilicious and aromatic meat. Each chicken that’s being marinated is awesome as it is and I could give double thumb ups on this.
The Clam chowder which we had were good too. The thick creamy soup is as good as it is and every mouthful of the some is so flavourful.

As for the Grill Lamb Cutlet; the lamb is well marinated till perfection,leaving the moist and juicy texture in it. It’s moist texture with no gammy taste in it. As for the Wagyu Beef Meatball, it comes awesomely delicious with the bouncy and juicy texture inside. With a munch of it, you can felt the juiciness of meat swinmming in the mouth. Nice one.

As for the Grilled Cmberland Sausage, the sausage is served in petite size and the scrumptious sausages is as awesome as it is. The juicilicious sausages with the marination, grilled till perfection.
We also tried their Grilled Vege Skewers as well as the Spanish Paprila Chili Cheese Toast.
We are also pampered with the Deep Fried Calamari which is deep fried till perfection leaving the crispy texture of the calamari and inside remains the juiciness of it. I just need to get another cup of beer and enjoy together with it. Simply addictive.

Overall, the food is awesomely delicious which every dishes is well prepared by the chef and worth for the money.

In conjunction with this event, Sentidos Gastrobar offers a special rate for guests coming in parties of 4 and 6.
1 pax: RM98++
4 pax: RM90++
6 pax: RM88++

Feast Village, Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03 2145 3385
Opening hours:Daily, 12noon-12midnight


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