Juicy peach and creamy cheese is part of this toothsome dessert. Using this simple concept, our pastry chef has created this creamy-dreamy cake using only the best ingredients. Just too addictive to endure!

Combination of peach and cream cheese is just awesome. The creamy cream cheese filling binds the tangy slices of sweet peach, topped with crunchy crumbles on the top and a layer of moist chocolate sponge as the base. Sweet and sour, just the right balance for cheese cake lovers. Forget the calories, pamper yourself with a slice of this great dessert with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea. Definitely a luxury not-to-be-missed!

This peach crumble cheese cake takes the centre stage at Melting Pot Cafe throughout the month of November. Have it anytime, anyday… only at RM12.00++ per slice, RM95.00++ per kg. For orders, please call Melting Pot Cafe at 2717 2233.

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