Teluk Intan is famed for its chee cheung fan but it is not just that; they do have nice Nasi Kandar too in Teluk Intan. Located at the main road of the town itself, Restaurant Nasi Kandar Krishnan is a place to visit for a nice Indian Delights. The restaurant opened as early as 10 am in the morning and they will close around 2-3 pm in the afternoon. Famed for their delicious nasi kandar, it is a must to visit when you are there.
The famous item here is not on the rice but the fried chicken. Deep fried till perfection with the crispy crumbs, the fried chicken is simply awesome. Crispy in the outside and complete with moist and juiciness in the inside. Every bite is sinfully awesome and I would give a double thumb up on this.

Drenched your rice with the curry for better flavours. It is just so awesome which you would definitely say is not enough!

Nasi Kandar Krishnan @ Changkat Jong
Along Changkat Jong Roa

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