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When it comes to romantic places for dining, Sampling on the Fourteenth is neverless a great place to go. Perched on the fourteenth floor of collosal Berjaya Times Square, right in the heart of Bukit Bintang boasting stunning panoramic views of the city and mountains beyond. This is the place to go for that special night out while indulging in some Western Classic fare.
The restaurant itself brings you with the excellent menu and this time we are there for their lovely MIGF Menu 2014. We sarted with their Red Lobster Salad that is immpressively beautifully presented.The lovely lmeal comes with the lobster gazpacho, lobster terrine, asparagus and Asian pear. Every mouthful is excellently done, melts in the mouth temptations with the juicy delights with the cold blend. It was paired by wine expert Ronald Binati, President of Sommelier Association of Malaysia with a zesty Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
Next served is the Chick Pea Soup were the soup comes creamy and it was absolutely delicious. The Chick Pea Soup is absolutely nice and savory where the soup is served with poached quill egg, broad beans aw well as a generous splash of saffron oil. I love the lovely creamy taste and the blend of the soup is so flavourful too.

Being in the theme of “Red Hot Chef”; Chef had brings us with the hot appetizer- Smoked duck breast with a fricassee of mushrooms and vanilla emulsion. The delights deliciously done with the fragrant blend of the mushroom with the touch of the vanilla emulsion. As for the duck, it brings up the flavours of smoky blend in it. The combination comes delicious.

To cleanse the palate, the creativity had been made where we are individually served with the ice sculpture in shape of chef’s hat. The presentation was awesome and lead up nicely with the blue light which comes to our attraction. The ice cream was the riesling soursop sorbet.

Goes to the main, guest had a choice to choose either Wagyu beef cheek and steamed salmon Napoleon. The Wagyu Beef Cheeks is well braised and it is served together with the bone marrow, celeriac puree, pickled apples, and grapes, marche leaves and coffee sauce. The wagyu beef brings up the overall taste with the juicilicious temptations and every mouthful of the beef comes absolutely tender and juicy.
As for the Stemed Salmon Napoleon is well prepared where the salmon was being steamed till perfection and it is served with the grapefruits, saffron, squid ink pasta, and salsa verde. Each mouthful was amazingly delicious with the flaky texture of the fish itself and also the light and appeling soup. I love it so much and it is well compliments with the squid ink pasta.
Ended with the sweet temptations, we are served with the Chef Val’s dessert – a sinful valrhona chocolate brownie, hazelnut mousse and passion fruit ice-cream. Every mouthful is divinely good and I would say it is definatey melts my heart.

The Full Festival Menu price at
RM398++ per person with wine
RM198++ per person without wine

While the light festival menu is at
RM158++ per person without wine

Samplings on the Fourteen
14th Floor, East Tower,
1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603- 2117 8000 ext 8131
Fax: 603- 2117 8155
Email: [email protected]

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