In the luxurious setting of InterContinental Kuala Lumpur’s signature restaurant, Tao Chinese Cuisine presents a new offering of an exquisite all-you-can-eat menu priced at only RM78++ per person onwards. Satisfy your oriental cravings with unlimited servings of the ever popular dim sum delicacy handmade by skillful Chef Lo Tian Sion and choices of mouth-watering dishes starting from 1 November onwards, available daily for lunch.

Enhanced by decades of refinement and Chef Lo’s unique artistic expression, Tao Chinese Cuisine boasts a fine selection of dim sum creations such as deep-fried minced black pepper smoked duck with mashed taro, seafood dumpling with wasabi mayonnaise dressing and rice noodle roll with fish fillet and preserved vegetable.

Among the variations of deep-fried dim sum, baked dim sum, rice noodles roll, congee, chilled and warm appetisers, soup, vegetables, rice and noodles, and dessert, some of chef recommendations include steamed minced chicken “xia long bao”; steamed homemade fish ball with crabmeat sauce; steamed salted egg yolk with lotus paste bun; stir-fried radish cake with spicy sun dried scallop sauce; deep-fried baby octopus with spice salt; crispy salmon skin with salted egg yolk; and stir-fried hand pulled noodles with roasted duck meat and Chinese celery.
Dessert selection include the sweet sensations of chilled Chinese herbal jelly “kwai lin go”; chilled mango puree; chilled sago honey dew with milk cream; double boiled soya bean with hasma and snow fungus; and yummy ice-cream flavours such as vanilla, green tea, yam and chocolate.

In addition to the unlimited dim sum offering, Tao Chinese Cuisine’s elegant dining ambiance is the perfect venue for social and corporate gatherings with a specially crafted set menu. Individually portioned and stylishly presented, our talented and acclaimed Chinese Executive Chef Wong Lian You has created two choices of set menu featuring new modern interpretation of classical Cantonese cuisine by using the finest and freshness ingredients. The tempting menu includes special dim sum selection and seasonal specialities into a six-course set lunch priced at RM88++ per person and RM118++.

For reservations or more information, please call Tao Chinese Cuisine at +603-2782 6128 / 6000 or email us at [email protected]. Visit us at www.intercontinental-kl.com.my for latest happenings and offerings.

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