cafe benne , jaya
South Korean coffeehouse chain Caffebene where the restaurant is composed of the Italian word, ‘Caffe’ with the suffix of ‘bene’, which means good. The cafe not only becoming the largest coffeehouse in South Korea, but also has more than 1000 stores opened around the world within 6 years.

Currently, there are 945 stores in Korea, 283 stores in China, 86 stores in USA, 5 stores in Indonesia, 5 stores in Philippines, 4 stores in Saudi Arabia, 2 stores in Malaysia, Mongolia, and 1 store in Cambodia, Singapore and Japan. The contemporary cottage-inspired interior features bricky walls, wooden furniture and clear glass windows that allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate and brighten the vintage ambiance.

cafe benne , jaya
The menu in Caffe Bene focuses on drinks which mainly spans over coffee, fruit juice, tea, tea cocktail, smoothies, frappe. Food menu is limited to only waffles, thick toast, cakes, bingsu and gelato.The price is slightly on the steep side, perhaps because it is “imported” from Korea?
cafe benne , jaya
‘Patbingsu,’ the Korean shaved-ice dessert with red bean paste is available in various forms here. In Cafe Benne, there are 3 types of bingsu where they have the Green Tea Bingsu, Strawberry Bingsu and the Cookie & Cream Bingsu. As for me , I had the Cookie & Cream Bingsu where the korean shaved ice dessert, usually topped with fruits & condensed milk. It is an extremely popular dessert in the South Korea. Topped with the cookie crumbs, it is quite good but the portion is pretty a big one even I had ordered a small one.

Cafe Benne
Jaya Shopping Centre (Section 14)
Lot G.17, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, 46100 Petaling Jaya.

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