A place to visit or a good plate of nyonya peranakan fare in KL, one must pay a visit to Baba Low’s 486 which is located in a quiet lane along Jalan Kurau is some places which is worth for a visit. Baba Low’s brings you with the lovely Peranakan dishes.

Nothing fancy on its design or its interior. The space is pretty limited where kopitiam-liked place serves good nyonya-flavoured dishes at a wallet-friendly price. Vintage tiles and tables and chairs is just something I love about! Menu is written on the very old school blackboard but they do provide paper meny which is simple.
Pai Tee (Rm 5.50) comes to our favorites. The traditional peranakan delights is indeed an awesome temptations where the snack comes in small little “hat shaped” pocket. With the dipped of their homemade vinegar chili dip; it makes the overall taste superb.
Aside from Pai Tee, their popiah (RM 4.50) is next we ordered. The popiah skin comes pretty thick compared the one we usually had. The ingridients comes scrumptious and plentiful. Filled with the lightly fried turnip, cucumber, bean sprout, coriander, shallots and egg strips.
Nyonya Laksa (RM 6.50) is something which is recomended in Baba Low’s. The serving is served with noodles of your choice and spicy coconut brooth with the shredded cucumber, bean sprout, shrimps, cockles, tau pok, fishballs and hard boiled egg. The ingridients is pretty good but the brooth is slightly diluted. Overall, it is still above par.
We also had the fried chicken which is well marinated with the spices. Deep fried till crispiness, the chicken is complete with the aromatic taste which is so tempting and juicy. It is such a nice one.
Asam pedas fish comes to our favorite; the sourish fish cooked with the sourish blend with loads of bunga kantan with it. The fragrant blend of the sourish temptation is indeed so good where you can mix them with rice to have them.
The koay teow soup however brings us with the slight disappointment where the koay teow is not smooth and thin. The soup served good except for the koay teow.
Not forgotten is their chendol. The chendol comes awesome with the finely gratted ice topped with the gula melaka and the green slices of chendol with it. Every mouthful is simply awesome and I have love the fine texture of the shaved ice.

Baba Low 486
11, Lorong Kurau, Taman Bukit Pantai,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2284 8486

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