The Olde Station, one of the places we headed for our lunch fix. The restaurant alike kopitiam style which served Malaysian Temptations is coming to us. Located in Jaya One, the shop comes pretty spacious with the ample sitting place too. Serving a variety of Malaysian temptations, I had the Nasi lemak with Mamak Style (RM 9.90).
Like many other nasi lemak, it comes not to generous in its coconut milk in the rice. It is not too fragrant to my likings but it is still a classic delights. Comes together wih their famous fried chicken, papadum, sambal, ikan bilis and peanuts as well as some pickles. It is then being topped on top with the beautiful sunny egg with it. Overall, the taste was just normal and nothing much to shout about. It is a decent place to have my lunch fix with the reasonable price.

Address: Block D, Unit 11, Level G, Jaya One

Open: 8am to 11pm daily

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