mooncake 2014
Famed for its mooncake, Casahana Mooncake is one of the popular brands to go for during the mooncake festival. Casahana this year comes with their exclusive packaging of mooncakes and offering a vast variety of choices to go for. The mooncakes are well packaged with the creative boxes.
mooncake 2014
The flavours this year comes pretty unique with the colorful blend of delights. And this year, Casahana brings you with their highlight mooncake for this year where Crimson Opera which showcase the burst of beetroot, followed by a heart of cheese and creamy white chocolate.
mooncake 2014
Aside from this, another highlight mooncake is the Dark Knight where it is done with the fragrant black sesame and black bean paste with soft brown sugar omochi wrapped in a charcoal pastry cloak. The taste is just awesome and toning down on the sweetness is just good to enjoy with the elderly.

You can get your last minute purchase on Casahana Mooncake at most major shopping centre.

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