It is such a jewel for a great and affordable meal here. Explore into Plaza Mont Kiara and you’d come across Bowl & Thai Cafe. This eatery serves up great tasting comfort food such as Pad Thai, Pandan Chicken Rice, Stewed Pork with Rice and more. In Bowl & Thai, don’t expects nice tables, elegant dining here, but the place is indeed alike coffee shop but food is two thumbs up.

bowl & thai
Love it or hate it? We started with the Thai Minced Pork and Basi Rice (RM 10.00) where the hearty bowl of rice is stir fried together with the fragrant basil leaf and topped with the sunny egg on top.For basil lover like me, I love it so much where the minced pork is so well fried with the basil leaves and chillies. With the kick of spiciness and aromatic delights, the dish is divinely good.
bowl & thai
Next, I had the Thai Stew Pork and Rice (RM 10.00) where each mouthful of the Thai Stew Pork in indeed an addictive one. The moist rice and the stew pork which is soft, tender and full of collagen is just so good. The sauce which is soaked in the rice and the fragrance of the stew pork is such a comfort dining. Served together with braised egg with it.
bowl & thai
– Red Tomyam Soup-
bowl & thai
-Clear White tomyam soup-
Want to have some kick. Try their Tom yam soup where they have a choice of red tomyam and white tomyam. The red Tomyam soup comes mild on the kick of spiciness but the white one is such a great kick for spicy lover. The pipping hot soup served together with the prawns, squids, and abalone mushroom is such a nice one to go for.
bowl & thai
Oh ya, some snacks to enjoy include the Kerabu Chicken Feet. With the kick of spiciness and burst of chilly padi in the kerabu, my tongue almost go numb and I keep drinking water after munching the kerabu with the chilly padi. However the kerabu comes pretty good with the sourish, spicy blend and the chicken feet comes chewy. Dare your self to try them.

If you are looking for a decent Thai food which is not killing your pocket in this area, do try Bowl & Thai

Bowl & Thai Cafe
Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Bowl & Thai opens 830am-6pm, except Sundays

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