Every year, coffee lovers will be awaiting for the Starbucks mooncake. The starbucks mooncakes are simply special compare to those normal traditional mooncake as the mix for it is different.

Compared to the usual mooncake like lotus paste, red bean and others, Starbucks offers a more variety mooncake like their Exclusive D24 Durian, Chewy Nutty Cranberry, Hazelnut Latte, Green Tea banana and also the the Signature Banana Chocolate.

The release this round is pretty standard where the mooncake available are in sets and not in individual packaging. The Starbucks mooncakes which is being served in the choices of 2 where you can have the Exclusive Set that comes with the exclusive Limited Edition Starbucks Mug. It comes with the Exclusive Starbucks Gift Bag, Starbucks Beverage Voucehers, and 8 Starbucks Mooncakes. The 8 will be 2 Starbucks Exclusive D24 Durian, 2 Chewy Nutty Cranberry. 2 Apricot Hazelnut Latte, 1 Green Tea Azuki and 1 Signature Banana Chocolate .

– The Mooncakes- 

As for me, I had the Regular Set (RM 48/ RM 45 (with Starbucks Card) ) where there will be 4 mooncakes with 1 starbucks beverage voucher. Comes with 4 choices of mooncake – 1 each will be the Chewy Nutty Cranberry, Apricot Hazelnut Latte, Green Tea Azuki and The Signature Banana Chocolate. For me, I love the Apricot Hazelnut Latte which comes with the fragrance blend of coffee in it with the bites of apricot in the blend in it. Each mouthful is so deliciously done and I wish to have more latte. Well to enjoy them with the starbucks Espresso.

Do pop by to Starbucks to get your mooncake now!

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