Mooncakes are Chinese pastries traditionally eaten during the mid-autumn festival. The festival is for lunar worship and moon-watching. Today, it has evolved into a joyous celebration, an occasion to strengthen the bonds of kinship, friendship and business relationship. Children would light their colourful lanterns and join in the fun of the celebration.

Mooncakes are certainly about unity among family, and strengthening ties with friends, both personal and corporate. They make meaningful gifts.

This year, Qing Palace Chinese Restaurant is proud to present its selection of both baked and snow skin mooncakes in celebration on this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

Beautifully presented in a custom designed gift box, indulge in 8 exciting flavours comprising signature items and new creations like Dragon Fruit & Coconut, Honey Grapefruit & Mixed Nuts and Snow Skin Tropical Trio.

Other flavours include Lotus Paste, Jade Custard, Black Sesame White Lotus, Snow Skin Red Bean Paste and Snow Skin Yam Paste, which make perfect gifts for family, friends and business associates


Buy 10 boxes of mooncakes (same flavour), get 1 FREE box of mooncake (same flavour)
Buy 10 boxes of mooncakes (different / mixed flavours), get 1 FREE box of snow skin red bean paste mooncake
Note: 4 mooncakes per box

For more information and orders, please call 07-521 2121 or visit the Mooncake Counter at Qing Palace Chinese Restaurant located at Pulai Pavillion or the hotel main lobby. The mooncakes are available from 7 August to 8 September 2014.

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