Well, being back home sweet home is a nice thing to do. The nice thing is enjoying lovely food and exploring more delicious local delicacies. I have lost track what to eat in Penang besides the local food but it has actually quality drop and we decided not to go for.

Well, I spotted the row of shophouses below the flats in Taman Lip Sin which is just near the famous food court. By the name of Bobo, the kopitiam serves a variety of local delights like prawn mee, chee Cheong fan and more.
Being there, we of course have the prawn mee. Prawn mee (RM 4.00) comes quite good to our favorites and the soup is thick and having the distict taste of the chilly paste in it. Served with the choice of yellow noodles as well as bihun, the prawn mee is nice with the pipping spicy soup and once it is topped with the curry paste, the taste is pretty good.
Chee Cheong Fan (RM 3.20) comes decently good as well. Soft texture of the Cheong fan and it is topped with the thick prawn paste and sweet paste on top. Drizzled with chunks of sesame seeds on top.

Ended with the deliciously done curry mee (RM 4.00)which is selling like hot cakes too in Bobo Kopitiam. The curry mee comes with the thick fragrance coconut milk and served together with the chilly paste. Served together with the loads of taufu bok, pig blood and more. The curry mee is obviously so temptating which we really love.

Kedai Kopi Bobo (宝宝茶室)
Coffee Shop and Malaysian Restaurant
2-G-22 Lengkok Nipah (Taman Lip Sin),
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

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