Thailand has long been one of the hottest travel destinations of Hongkongers among all Asian countries. Not only its affordable flights and accommodations,  its booming food scene has also attracted many to pay homage to the restaurants that offer authentic Thai cuisine. However, ever since the Outbound Travel Alert has been hoisted against

Thailand during the past few months, Thai food lovers have no choice but to switch to local Thai restaurants, hoping to fulfill their cravings with scrumptious Thai dishes that are prepared in the identical way as they are being served in Thailand.

Meticulous cooking process and homemade dipping sauce giving each dish its distinctive flavor with reasonable prices, impressive food quality and cosy environment with a relaxing alfresco dining area, making it a rare, comfortable Thai restaurant in the surrounding neighbourhood. With over 30 years of experience in cooking Thai food, CHANJAI Dusit, head chef of Thai Pad from Chiang Mai, introduces a host of unique and flavourful Thai recipes to the restaurant, creating an array of dishes that excite the palate of many. Chef Dusit’s pursuit of perfection in cooking ensures that every dish is meticulously prepared according to his recipes, even if it means that the production time and cost is doubled.

Chef Dusit’s “24-hour Marinated Thai-style Honey Roasted Chicken” tops the list among his sumptuous creations for Thai Pad. He marinates the chicken with a special sauce made with lemongrass, white pepper, honey and fish sauce for 24 hours before it goes into roasting. “Chilling the chicken for such long hours will give the meat an exceptional flavour and floor in Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong, Thai Pad boasts an extensive menu

Chef Dusit’s cooking style is heavily influenced by the food culture of his birthplace – Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand – in particular his interest in creating matching sauces that go with his dishes. “Nam Prik” is an addictive spicy-and-sour dipping sauce that is commonly seenin Chiang Mai. Based on “Nam Prik’s” unique flavour, Chef Dusit has developed an interest in  creating one-of-a-kind homemade sauces. The signature pepper sauce for “24-hour Marinated Thai-style Honey Roasted Chicken” is made of garlic, pepper, chilli and honey, just to name a few, adding a surprisingly spiciness to the chicken. Another popular main dish is “Steamed Grey Mullet Fish with Lemongrass on Stove Platter” topped with fresh grass carp and ginger soup.

Chef Dusit has specially prepared a mouth-watering dipping sauce using pepper, garlic, lime and fish sauce, inducing an abundance of flavour without overwhelming the freshness of the fish.

A Dining Experience Like No Other

Classic Thai dishes are crafted differently at Thai Pad based on Chef Dusit’s unique cooking style and homemade recipes. For instance, Chef Dusit carefully selects fresh coconut water and coconut milk to whip up the yellow curry sauce for one of the chef specials, “Thai Pad Curry Lobster”, creating a natural yet powerful coconut taste to complement the fresh lobster. In order to create the curry with a silky smooth texture, Chef Dusit mixes all condiments by hand and avoids adding water during the process; he then sautéeds the meat with coconut milk to further enhance the curry flavour for his dish “Green Curry” Thai Style. Thai green curry is best served with beef, pork or chicken.

Not to be missed is the made-to-order “Tom Yum Goong Soup”. Apart from its commoningredients, Chef Dusit adds in asparagus to bring a refreshing crunchiness to the soup’s thick, creamy texture. Evaporated milk is then added to the soup right before serving as a final touch

A Thai paradise in the city centre that caters to all tastes

In addition to the signature delicacies above, Thai Pad also offers Executive Set Lunch, Thai-style High Tea and Weekend Lunch Buffet to suit a wide range of dining preferences. It is one of the few Thai restaurants that boasts a breezy garden terrace for guests to wind down, especially  after a long day. Thai Pad provides ample space for hosting private and company functions for up to 80 people. From now till September 30, 2014, guests will receive one stamp upon the purchase of an Executive Set Lunch, and will be eligible for a free Weekend Lunch Buffet (for one person)* upon collecting 10 stamps.

*Service charge of HKD 18 is applicable to the free Weekend Lunch Buffet


Address:              2/F, Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong

Reservation:      (852) 3791-2680

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