After the success of their main outlet – My Elephant which had also won several of awards including the winner of Time Out KL. Inside, it is a white, modern, rectangular-shaped space, filled with utilitarian tables, clothed in paper. The restaurant gives us a warm environment and it is well decorated with the beautiful lighting.

Greeted with a smile, we are held with the blue theme menu and complete with their signature delights. Since is the month of Ramadhan, they have their Ramadhan Special Set (RM 65) which is good for 2 pax. The set comes well with kerabu paku, tom som, gaeng keow wan tempe, Gai Yang with Panaang Ketupat, Pandan Layer Cake and 2 refillable drink.

The Kerabu Paku comes interestingly good where the paku and the prawns are being stir fried and it is then being drizzled with the tangy salad dressing. The appetizing vegetables, just as good as it is with the top of some fresh slice prawns with it.
Comes pretty unique, The Gaeng Keow Wan Tempe where the thai green curry is being cooked together with deep-fried tempe. Together with the tempe, it is being decorated with some petai, green peas, and long beans together. The green curry comes pretty creamy and yet very appetizing.
Gai Yang with Panaang Ketupat comes unique to us too. It is our first time enjoying the unique way of serving ketupat. The ketupat is being drenched with the creamy curry sauce with it. Served with the lovely chicken meat. Not too spicy and the chicken meat comes tender too.
Red Curry Roasted Duck comes to our favorites where they are being served in a bowl of creamy curry that brings you a light kick of spiciness. The duck meats are well sliced and cooked till perfection without leaving any gressy texture in it. With the long hours of cooking process; we can felt that the flavours of the curry are well infused in it.

As for the mains we end them with the “Snow” Fish (RM 58.00) where this is one of the special dishes. In My Elephant, the seabass is being salt baked with MyElephant signature green chili sauce, leaving the salty base taste with a blend of spiciness in it. The fish is fresh too and it brings up the overall flavours. Nice!


We ended our meals with a sweet note. We had the Pandan Layered Cake where the cake is fluffy in texture as well as one munch; it will definite to melts in the mouth.
The Mango Sticky Rice (RM 6.50) here is absolute a good one. I love it so much. The Mangoes were sweet, and the rice wasn’t too sticky and gooey.
Another is the Mango with Sago (RM6.50). The delicious sweet mango topped with the pinkish round sago which is so good and indulging. It’s sago is well done and it does not come sticky. Awesome.

The Red Ruby (RM 6.50) is another good one to be e
My Elephant Thai Restaurant (Aman Suria)
22, Jalan PJU 1/43, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Aman Suria, 47301
Tel: 03-78861451

Business Hour :
Mon.-Sun. 11:30-14:30 (Lunch)
Mon.-Sun. 18:00-22:00 (Dinner)
Website :

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