Breaking fast is a joyous occasion especially in the company of family or friends. Head over to Saloma Theatre Restaurant and enjoy a bountiful spread of delicious authentic Malay dishes. ‘Teratak’ as the title reads is actually a small house that is usually built in the compound of Malay houses where people will gather and relax in the evening.

Start off with something light such as assorted dates, apricots to break fast first, followed by a glass of cooling beverages to quench your thirst like air tebu, air sirap, air mata kucing, tembikai susu and soya bean. Those with sweet tooth, there is a choice of assorted malay kueh, bubur kacang hijau, serawa durian dengan pulut or bubur cha cha.

Pecal Jawa, kerabu jantung pisang, kerabu kerang dengan taugeh, kerabu mangga, rojak buah, hati ayam goreng bawang, paru goreng berlada, acar nenas, sotong kangkung are some of the salad selections available. Also, do sample the varieties of bubur lambuk – Pantai Timur, daging, ayam or sayuran. Cream of asparagus, cream of carrot, cream of pumpkin are some choices of soup served daily.

The puasa month is where you can have the best kampung-style dishes like rendang daging berserunding, burung puyuh goreng berjintan, ikan patin masak tempoyak, sayur lemak nangka dengan ikan masin, ayam panggang ‘Saloma’, ikan sembilang goreng bercili, pajeri nenas, gulai sotong dengan kacang bendi, pucuk manis lemak keledek, kari udang masak kering dengan daun kari and daging opor. Combine any of the Malay items with more selections from Indian section like ayam tandoori, lamb vindaloo, roti canai, capati and tosai.

Persian menu offers middle-eastern delicacies such as baked fish with cheese, chicken and beef kebab and baked whole fish with saffron powder. Vegetarians also have their share as Chef prepares special dishes such as vegetarian chicken, mutton or prawn, aloo ghobi, mango chutney, dhall, brinjal, yogurt plus Chef’s salad with olive oil.

More tempting dishes awaits at the action stalls where diners can indulge in flavourful ikan bakar with selection of dipping sauces, chicken or beef satay served with traditional condiments, laksa Utara,  mee rebus, pasembor, mee ketam, roti john and  ais kacang.

For more details on promotion, please call Saloma Theatre Restaurant at 21610122. If you wish to have private venues for buka puasa, the restaurant is able to meet your needs. Two private areas like the Theatre and Bistro can accommodate up to 350 and 100 persons respectively. While the outdoor area has a seating capacity of 210 persons. Saloma is located within the vicinity of Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) with ample parking space and surau is also available.
‘Menggamit Selera di Teratak Saloma’ Buffet
Time : 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Price : RM83.00 nett per person (dinner only)
RM98.00 nett per person (dinner with cultural show)

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