As part of our quest in offering the most tantalizing beverage to stimulate tea lovers’ taste buds, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CBTL) is proud to introduce the latest addition to the Ice Blended® range with the Assam Black Tea and Rooibos flavour. Be ready to embark on a unique gastronomy experience as we present to you a refreshing golden blend with an interesting twist – Introducing the Milk Tea and Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drinks!

The Milk Tea and Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drinks are the latest additions to CBTL’s road to tea perfection.  Inspired from his frequent trips to South Africa and India, CBTL’s Tea Master took the distinctive flavours from local favourites and transformed them into a CBTL’s signature, the Ice Blended® drink. The Milk Tea and Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drinks are delicately crafted with the specialty tea leaves from the lush tea plantations of India and South Africa respectively. The introduction of the Milk Tea and Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drinks are a true testament to CBTL’s belief – amazing tea starts with carefully nurtured relationships around the world.

Take a sip of the creamy Milk Tea Ice Blended® drink and find yourself immersed in a rich and flavourful transition of tastes from the exotic history of India with the tart and malty flavour of Assam black tea, to the indulgence of sweetness with the rich cream notes garnished with sweetened condensed milk. More commonly known as breakfast tea, Assam black tea is excellent for relieving tension and nerves. It offers an invigorating flavour, the transformation to Milk Tea Ice Blended® drink made it a beautifully flavoured invention that will surely wake you up, and keep you on your toes.

Adding a caffeine-free option, CBTL’s Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drink is a sophisticated Ice Blended® treat made with sweet vanilla and Rooibos (pronounced as roy-boss) blends. Originated from South Africa, Rooibos literally means “red bush” in its local language. It contains several minerals that are vital to health, some South Africans consume 5-6 cups of Rooibos tea per day. At CBTL, the distinctive taste and creaminess of this African herbal infusion is perfectly complemented by the notes of sweet vanilla, a popular flavour profile in food and beverage. The Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drink is the best remedy for those who are seeking a cold, sumptuous and earthy dimensional palate pleaser.

For more information, please visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s website or Facebook page.

* Milk Tea and Vanilla Rooibos Ice Blended® drinks promotion ends 25 May 2014

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