During my trip in Macau, we walk around the little alley and we found a nice dessert shop (Milk Top). Sandwiched between Swatch and Mc Donalds, here you go with the little dessert shop- Milk Top. The little small shop serves a variety of ice creams and delicates like what we have is Baskin Robbins here. Milk Top has around 12-15 flavours of Hokkaido based and fashioned ice-cream. Some of the flavours which is available in Milk Top includes Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Maple, Sumiyaki Coffee and many more.


Milk Top is one of the brands originated from Hokkaido, Japan and it is using the Hokkaido Hidaka 3.6 Milk as it’s main ingridient to produce the high quality of desserts such as ice cream and puddings. I had the Yuzu blend of ice cream with a scope for MOP 13. The ice cream comes in generous scope and it’s taste is simply refreshing as well. It is such a great ice cream with smooth texture that comes with it. Love it! That was seriously a good treat in the hot afternoon when you are having a great shop in Macau

Milk Top

57A Travessa de S. Domingos, Macau

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