Mango Chili which is the franchise under the Coca Group where they are under the same umbrella with the famous Mango Tree Restaurant from Thailand had landed their first flagship store in Malaysia. Located in the new Nexus Bangsar South City Mall, it is very easy to spot them as they are just next to the Starbucks. Mango Chilli here brings us with the value with underprivileged children by providing a hungry child one meal with every meal Mango Chili sold.
Interior in Mango Chili does not resemble any elegant like many Thai Cuisine shop but in Mango Chili; it comes with the casual concept which highlighting the Thai Street Scene with the touch of modern contemporary and a lively dining experience. With the funky colors of pinkish zink plates stretched over the ceiling and furniture with earty tones, it’s feel is very relax and casual with the fun concept behind.
Our meals started with their best sellers appetizers- The Deep Fried Shrimp Cake (RM13.90/4 pieces). The appetizer comes well with the great blend of fresh shrimp paste which is being battered and then being deep fried till perfection. The shrimp cakes are perfectly done with the sweet essence of the shrimps and texture comes moist in it. Dipped them with the Thai Chilly Sauce for the kick of spiciness.

Sourish blend of the Green Mango Salad (RM9.90)comes to my favorite where the soury tangy flavors of the salad itself is simply good. Well presented with the refreshing blend, it is such a great appetizers to tempt for.

TomYum Wings (RM 9.90) is simply our favorites where the chicken wings comes extra crunchy and loaded with los of flavours in it. Not too much of the tom yum blend in it but it is indeed a perfect snacks to come along in a meal. The crispy skin, with the juicy meat is something I love about here.

Tom Yum Seafood (RM17.90) here is on the creamy version, less spiciness and a little souriness. Comes with the scrumptious ingredients like fish, squids, mussels and prawn in the bowl of hearty tomyam soup. The portion however is not a large but it is just nice to fits for 2 persons.


Pad Thai Prawn (RM19.90) is our usual favorites and one of the must order item when we are in the thai restaurant. The pad thai is served with the with the myriad of ingredients including prawns, chicken, egg, prawns and noodles. The pad thai is then being stir fried in the tamarind sweet sauce and it is then being tossed with peanuts and beansprouts for extra textures. The pad thai is simply delicious which make me would come back for more.

Fried Rice with Chicken (RM14.90) where the hearty portion of fried rice is being served together with 2 skewers of chicken satay together with it. The fried rice is fragrantly fried but is slightly dry to me. While the chicken meat remains on its juiciness. . Add another RM2 for choice of drinks, and another RM2.90 for two side dishes of mango/papaya salad and tom yum soup.

Green Curry Fried Rice with Egg (RM15.90) is something to look for in Mango Chili. Not like normal fried rice, tomyam fried rice and others, do the rice is being fried with the green curry paste. With the creamier version and mild spiciness, the taste is pretty unique. Topped with some beef slices on top.


Stir Fried Kai Lan with Marinated Beef in Oyster Sauce (RM15.90) looks pretty normal but the taste turns up to be good after the first munch on it . Well stir fried till perfection with the tender and juicy blend of the beef slices that comes together with it. Yummz !


Deep Fried Fish with Trio Sauce (RM39.90) is where the fish is being deep fried till golden brown with the crispy skin and flaky fish meat in it. The fish is being served with the Trio Sauce is where they have namely sweet sour chili, oyster sesame, and spicy seafood sauce. Dipped your fish in your preferred sauce as where Mango Chili left the choices to you.

Red Ruby Water Chestnut with Ice Cream (RM6.50) served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drenched in a bed of coconut milk, showered with red ruby and slices of nangka. It is such a cooling delights and some sweet note to end the spicy meals.

The Mango Sticky Rice (RM8.50) does not look much appealing when it is being served to our table. Served with the cube mangoes together with the glutinous rice.It is such a awesome delights to enjoy when you dipped them with the fragrant coconut milk with it.

A more casual dining here in Mango Chili not just serving the delightful Thai food but their support to unfortunate children is noteworthy. Apart from enjoying a balance meal at here, you are actually going an extra mile with Mango Chili to share the gift of a balanced meal, and life, with another. So come for food, eat for good. Now you have more reasons to visit Mango Chili.

*The first community that are supporting by Mango Chili are the children from Dignity for Children Foundation ( The restaurant will continue to expand the communities as they expand their chain of restaurants.*

Mango Chili
NEXUS Bangsar South City,
No. 7, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Contact:03-2242 3737
Email: [email protected]
Transportation:Take LRT to Universiti LRT Station and walk 10 minutes to reach NEXUS Bangsar South City. Mango Chili is facing the main room, located next to Starbucks coffee.

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