Lil Grace love to have Yogurt drink and she love to have them at anytime of the day. It’s a shopping day again for my grocery and without hesitation; my lil one will bring the healthy yogurt drink and put inside the cart to be purchase. As Grace loves kitkat and loads of chocolates, sometimes she had difficulty to get to the toilet.

We love to get the yogurt drink so lil grace can have to enjoy it anytime easily. What’s fun about is it is not only meant for her but the whole family too. We love to enjoy a bottle of the yogurt drink anytime in the car or even at home.

What’s more now with the Nestle Bliss upcoming promotion; we have more to pack to join the craze so we can shop for 8 minutes and save up our supermarket swap with more Nestle products too.

Drink and Win ! Get healthy lifestyle where you can win RM500,000 worth of Supermarket Sweep prizes. Nestle Bliss comes up with more promotion this time to encourage shoppers to get healthy with their Yogurt products for this time. Here comes the Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep !!

The Nestle Bliss Supermarket Sweep is an annual event to reward loyal Bliss Consumers. It is back for the 2nd time year in a row with RM500,000 worth of Supermarket Sweep prizes to be won by 100 lucky winners!

It’s so easy to join the contest. Consumers can submit their entries via a digital entry form on the Nestle Bliss Facebook Page at bit.ly/NestleBlissSweep. It is so easy. What you need to do is just purchase your healthy yogurt drink from the list of products which are listed for the contest. And most important; include the #BlissSweep in the content.
Joining the contest only need 3 simple steps and you will find your way to win the contest

Step 1 : From (1 May – 9 July )  buy a list of participating products.

Step 2 : Visit the Nestle Bliss Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/NestleBliss, complete the form and answer 3 simple questions

Step 3 : Submit your entry!

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