Penang Curry Mee being one of must have hawker delights in Penang. Recently in Penang, there are more places to explore and one of them is the Famous Hot Bowl Curry Mee. They had recently moved from Abu Siti Lane to Rangoon Road
The curry mee here had features in some TV Shows and also in magazines. One of their signature here is the soup; where it appears to be white color and the curry mee served is an oval bowl. In here; order your ingredient as you want too. Some of the selections they have include tofu, prawns, cuttlefish, chicken, egg, mint leaves and Cockle. For prawns, you may add them with additional RM 3 for 3 prawns which is quite pricey for a small size prawns.
Served to our table pretty fast and here comes our portion of curry mee. With the thick soup which is not much alike curry taste. you will need to add the curry paste to get the flavorful blend. After adding it; the curry mee comes delicious with the kick of spiciness. Yummz and the fiercy curry is now up to our expectations.
They are not only famed for its curry mee but also their Hainanese Chicken or known to locals as Pek Cham Kei, which is totally recommended. The chicken brings us with the smooth and silky textures and it is soft, and fragrant with its soy sesame sauce. It is such a great indulgence and enjoyment with their Hainanese Chicken. Compliments well with their garlic chilly.

Not only that, there are condiments on each table to complement the food served here. They make their own sauce. Yes, that includes the soy sauce. If you love them sauces, you can even buy them as they have produced in proper packaging.

Hot Bowl Nyonya delight
58C, jalan Rangoon, 10400 Penang.
Business hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 8am-3pm (Closed on Mondays)

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