Food Runner, Southeast Asia’s leading food delivery service, launched its new Order Management Platform, along with a new revamped website for Room Service in Malaysia at and Singapore at

The new Order Management Platform is a part of Room Service’s digital transition and rebranding with a new logo in March this year. With a renewed focus on its online business, this new system will serve as a common technology platform across Food Runner’s Southeast Asian operating companies, starting with Room Service in Malaysia and Singapore.

The launch of the platform featuring both the backend Order Management as well as the frontend Web Order system, will contribute to major improvements on phone and web order processing, operational efficiencies, logistical management, service level assurance and brand positioning as the leading online food delivery business in its respective markets.

“The new system is built on Ruby on Rails technology framework, which is highly scalable as the company continues to expand its e-Commerce presence in the region,” said Lance Frey, CEO of Food Runner. “We’re launching the new platform with our most mature brand, Room Service in both Malaysia and Singapore. Soon, you will see our new platform launch in other markets in our Southeast Asian companies.”

As part of the new platform launch, the company also introduced customers to a revamped website for a more user friendly online ordering experience. The revamped website for and went live on 29 April 2014 and the team has been testing and monitoring extensively to ensure a smooth customer experience. Both websites for Room Service Malaysia and Singapore boasts a complete redesign, improved functionality and enhanced features focused on the company’s vision to provide an easy and user-friendly online food ordering platform for the hungry and web-savvy consumers.

Some of the key highlights of the new revamped website for online orders includes:-

Restaurant Search by Location: Room Service makes it easier for users to search for restaurants closest to them by simply entering their location via street address or postal code on the homepage.

Improved Restaurant and Menu Listing: The site’s intuitive navigation automatically display results of available restaurants based on customer’s location. The restaurant listing now incorporates the option of sorting by popularity, alphabetically and/or cuisine type. Room Service now also offers its recommendations for new restaurant discovery.

Simplified Browsing and Order Process: Restaurant menu listing are redesigned for easy ordering by food category tabs, one-click “Add to Cart” option, automatic cart update and total bill calculations and applying promotional code discounts, all within a single page navigation.

3-steps Checkout: The checkout process was simplified to make online food orders as quick and easy as possible with 3 clean steps – User Sign in or Signup, Order Confirmation and Payment.

Online Credit Card Payment: Room Service’s new website now accepts online Credit Card payment options using Visa or MasterCard. Online payments are made via an external PCI compliant partner where payment data are encrypted for enhanced security. For customers who don’t want to use credit cards, Room Service still accepts Cash on Delivery orders.

“Room Service’s recent rebranding in March 2014 introduced our customers to a new logo, branding and our new tagline, “Your city’s best restaurants delivered”. We’ve served over 1 million customer orders in the last 11 years of service – we are the leading food delivery service in our markets,” said Mark Simmons, Managing Director of Room Service.

“As our markets become savvier with online shopping, they are primed for growth if we give customers the convenience of a better online food ordering experience with Room Service and our hundreds of partner restaurants. We’re now acting on our customers’ feedback, giving them an easier, cleaner and simplified website navigation, web order process and more payment options,” he added.

Within the next quarter, the new Order Management Platform will be rolled out across all Food Runner’s operating companies with City Delivery in Philippines, followed by Room Service in Indonesia, as well as new native mobile apps on iOS and Android  platforms.

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