Staying true to their promise to present something different to all of its fans every time, KFC Malaysia introduces the new Zinger Remixed – a chicken burger so fine you will surely appreciate its unique flavour!
The new Zinger Remixed is your favourite Zinger fillet remixed in such a way that it is sandwiched in between the newly introduced warm oat bun layered with spicy jalapeno and onion strips topped with a new special savoury Asian sauce. These small twists make big differences to the flavour which is the basis for inspiration of this new product. The Zinger Remixed is guaranteed to give you a satisfying burst of flavour in every bite!

“With the tagline ‘Remixed to reignite taste buds’ the new Zinger Remixed is an infusion of flavours. From the spicy jalapeno to the special savoury Asian sauce, the Zinger Remixed burger is definitely one-of-a-kind and it will undeniably entice the taste buds,” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.
“Our dedicated R&D team at KFC is continuously seeking ways to create new burgers that will satisfy the cravings of burger lovers out there. With quality ingredients and flavours that everyone can appreciate, and a reasonable price that everyone can afford, we are confident that this product will definitely be popular among the young and young at heart. Those who are constantly looking for new adventures, tastes and generally things that are different will definitely be pleased with what the KFC Zinger Remixed has to offer,” she added.

The KFC Zinger Remixed is available ala’ carte from RM7.25 as well as in a combo meal that includes four pieces of hash rounds and one regular soft drink at RM9.95. For a bigger eat, the Hot Box version with the addition of one piece chicken is also available at a cost of only RM11.85 (price may vary according to location).

The advertising and promotional strategy for this promotion includes TV and radio advertising, online digital media, as well as outdoor and point-of-sales materials for a wider reach to customers. The KFC Zinger Remixed is now available at all KFC restaurants in the country from 8 May 2014 while stocks last.

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