brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas The awesome place for a drink and dine- Brick & Barrels which is another hidden gem in Desa Sri Hartamas area. Overwhelming with people; the restaurant and bar which is from Ipoh had made their move here in Klang Valley. With the creative sittings outside with bands singing at night; it is a fun place to get you relaxed. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Well everything starts well with a kick of music and entertaining place to look for – especially a drink and a meal with friends. It is not just a place to drink and footballs but  Brick & Barrels  do have a wide spread of menu to go for. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Started off with their German Roast Pork ( RM 38 nett) which is one of the highlights in Brick and Barrels. The slow cooked pork loin is well served with the juicy bites of the moist texture of the meat while the skin leaves us with the cracking skin which is so crunchy and addictive. I love the roast pork so much where a plate of the hearty roast pork never enough to our table. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Big fans of Smoked Duck? Do try their smoked duck breast meat. The juicy slices of duck meat are well marinated and served on top of the creamy avocado dressing with it. It is just a simple dish but the smoked duck burst with the great flavors with it. Nice one! brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Escargots comes next to our table. Welcoming in half dozen of escargots which is laid on top of bed of greenies; it is such a perfect temptations for us to grab it since it is one of my favorite shell fish. The escargots come fresh and size is pretty huge too. Sweet blend of escargot due to it freshness, I just love it as it is as original without adding any dipping. Delicious ! brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas I am also being pampered with their B&B Chicken (RM 32 nett) . The signature dish from Brick and Barrels and it is the owner’s secret recipe too. The grilled chicken is being stuffed with the wild mushroom and served with salsa verde. I love the way it is presented too with the alfalfa on top of it. Served together with bed of mashed potato. The chicken comes juicy as it is and its texture comes moist. More over, the flavors is just good as it is bringing us a unique blends which left us to come back for it. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Aside from the huge western meals, do try their pasta too. One of their signatures is the Porky Carbonara. Cooked al-dente, the spaghetti is drench with the milky carbonara sauce with it. The portion of the spaghetti us loaded with lots of square pieces of pork with it together with mushroom. Topped an sunny top egg on top, it makes the whole dish creamier and filling. Neverless, the flavors comes pretty good which we are falling in love with it. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas The huge pork platter (RM 198 nett) is another highlight of the night. Pork lover rejoice with their huge pork platter. Filled up your tummy with the ooziness taste of mixed platter which never go wrong with a cup of beer. The huge portion of the divine addictive platter comes well with the platter of porklicious sausages, roast pork knuckles, bbq pork ribs, and also the roast pork. The platter is served together with a bunch of greenies and also bed of grilled fresh potatoes with it. Accompanied with 4 types of sauces. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas The pork knuckle leaves us with the complete juiciness with it. The pork knuckle comes well with the crispy skin and the meat comes moist, soft and melts in the mouth. The meat is lean and not too fatty which is just nice as it it. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Next comes with it is the bbq pork ribs. The bbq pork ribs are beautifully done where the smoky barbeque pork ribs had made us to have our saliva dropping. The pork ribs is being chargrilled till perfection and well marinated with their secret receipe. It is then being topped with some sesame on top. The meat is juicy and tender as it is . brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas Not to forget, a sweet note after the meal- The Tiramisu. Famous Italian Tiramisu (RM 22 nett). Their homemade classic Italian “Pick Me Up” cake prepared with the soft texture and creamy blend of alcoholic touch. Each mouthful of the tiramisu is perfect; melts in the mouth with the light liquor blend. brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas As for the drinks, do pamper your self with their special selection of Liquir Coffee. Enjoy the choices of Irish Coffee (RM 25 nett) , Baileys Coffee(RM 18 nett), Kahlua aoffee (RM 18 nett) or the Amaretto Coffee (RM 20 nett) of your choice. The texture of the liquor coffee is smooth with the great blend of coffee sensation with the twist of liquor with it. Nice! brick-and-barrels-sri-hartamas B & B Mojito *RM 28/ nett) is one of the signature drink to order. Added with the rum, mint leaves, lime, brown sugar and bitters in it; the mojito makes great mixes which taste good with a great kick of the fragrant rum blend in it. Overall, Brick & Barrels is such a great place not only to grab a cup of beer but it do serves delicious western delights and pizza. The place is simply worth to check it out and have fun there with friends with great meal. Address: Brick & Barrels 76, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Opening Hour: Mon – Sun: 4:00 pm – 2:00 am Phone: 012-662 5129

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