Mission Foods, one of the world’s largest flatbread producers and a favourite among Malaysians has just introduced their best-selling Pita breads in Malaysia. In conjunction with the launch, Mission shared some brilliant ideas on jazzing up lunchboxes to inspire more people to eat wholesome, nutritious food made with good quality ingredients.

The launch of Mission Pita was held at Starhill Culinary Studio where Chef Zam, a celebrity chef and culinary whiz demonstrated various pita sandwich recipes using his signature flair of keeping things clean, simple and delicious.

At the launch, Chef Zam encouraged more people to pack from home as shop-bought sandwiches and snacks are often packed with additives and can also be loaded with mayonnaise, sauces or dressings which are high in fat and salt.

“Making your own lunches is the only way to know what’s going in them. It’s really easier than it sounds, and the secret is in mixing things up a bit so you’re not eating the same old thing every day,” said the extremely talented chef who also runs his own culinary school.
He showed ways to rebuild leftovers by sprucing up the fillings in a pita pocket with a fruit chutney, cream cheese or sour cream, and a handful of salad leaves and chopped tomatoes. For an Asian twist he suggested leftover sauces from Rendang, curries or sambals with simple meat or vegetable sautees. He also stressed that children should be taught to eat well from a young age and parents should allow them to decide what goes into their own lunchboxes. He encouraged parents to listen to what their kids want and to use good quality, fresh ingredients that’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and sneak in vegetables and fruits in creative ways.

“With pitas the possibilities are endless, and you can create sandwiches or snacks to suit your mood for the day. Don’t be fooled by the soft velvety texture of Mission Pita as once heated, it can take any sort of filling without falling apart, so let your imagination run wild” said Chef Zam while demonstrating the six different recipes using Mission Pita.

For the family Chef Zam demonstrated Mission Coronation Pita Sandwich and Mission Chicken Tikka Pita Sandwich, for the health conscious Mission Turkey and Slaw Pita Sandwich and Mission Pita with Smoked Salmon and Avocado and for kids he demonstrated Mission Tropical Tuna Pita Sandwich and Mission Teriyaki Chicken Pita Sandwich.

“Mission Pitas are so versatile and convenient to use as the pocket tucks in the fillings neatly and it’s easy to hold when eating, making it suitable for all ages,” he explained.

According to research by Mission Foods, Mission Pita has a broad appeal among people (90%) as it is low in fat, is a good source of fibre for the wholemeal variety, is easy to use and won’t fall apart easily. The new Mission Pitas are baked to perfection and available in two flavours – plain and wholemeal.

For each recipe, Chef Zam also shared tips and crafty ideas on how to jazz up a lunchbox to go with the sandwiches. From adding toasted nuts, dried fruits and berries to change the texture of a salad, adding a yoghurt, apple halves spread with caramel and chocolate chips as dessert, a frozen juice box that turns into a slushy by lunchtime, or sneaking in a cute message on the sandwich bag or scribbled on a fruit, she showed ways to keep packed lunches exciting and imaginative.

 “With the launch of Mission Pita in Malaysia, we wanted to inspire more people to eat well by sharing ideas for packed lunches that are just as exciting and delicious as meals available at trending cafes. You have more control of what goes into your lunch, its quick, easy and mess free and great for those looking to eat clean or want to give the best for their kids and families” said Randall Tan, Brand Manager of Mission Foods South Asia.

Mission Pitas pack a punch as a hearty sandwich, in scooping and dipping with a host of dips and accompaniments, as a snack, as a pizza base or as a bread substitute. From the best of Western and European, to the exotic and flavourful of Asian, Mission Pita absorbs all styles and flavours beautifully as its made from top-notch quality ingredients and baking methods.

Mission Pita which comes in Plain and Wholemeal flavours are now available at the bread isles of all major supermarkets throughout Malaysia. Each re-sealable pack contains 5 round pitas, and retails from RM6.39 per packet of 400g NET.

For more information about Mission Pita visit the website at

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