A big fans of Indian Cuisine? Passage Thru India is a place for a great indian delights where the restaurant is indeed not just having good food but they also celebrate the food, art , culture and tradition of India in one place.
The place is indeed such a fairy tale when I entered the restaurant. The interior is such an art like what I watched in Aladdin when I am a kid. It is such a beautiful place to explore when one visiting Kuala Lumpur. It is carefully decorated with tasteful furnishings and antique ethnic accoutrement that the owner has collected from all over the world.

Being in the business since 1996; the small family operated restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. After years of continues trials, errors, turbulences and economic downturns paired with its determined, passionate and creative owner, it has grown to become if not the finest but one of its kind, the largest thematic Indian restaurant outside India in the capital of Malaysia. The restaurants design reflects a countryside village home. Its interior is exuberant and fanciful, with a touch of bohemian artistry, yet its atmosphere is cozy. A myriad of colors, both jolting and stimulating, adorn the restaurant and are chosen from something specific in mind.

This round, we had tried the Set Thali Meals for both North Indian Thaili and the South Indian Thali. Priced at RM 20 nett for each set , the set is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We started with the Thaili Set Meal from Northern India where the set comes with choices of 11 items in it rotating daily . Started with the Palak Paneer (Cubes of soft cottage cheese cooked with blended spinach leaves in a creamy garlic flavoured base) , Makhni Sabzi (Mixed vegetables cooked in a butter based sauce with spices)., Aloo Gobi (Potatoes & Cauliflower cooked in a dry pounded masala), Daal Tadka (Yellow lentils tempered with a garlic and cumin flavour), Channa Masala (Chickpeas in an onion and tomato masala base), Mixed Raita (Diced vegetables mixed in a light mixture of yogurt with spices), Biryani Rice (Fragrant basmati rice cooked with biryani spices), Roti (Wheat flour bread cooked in the clay oven called Tandoor), Salad and also Papadum. The awesome filling dishes come well to our tummy where it is flavorful dish and healthy combination. Not too spicy, it give me a great blend of healthy delights too. It is serve together with the Mango Lassi together. It is such a divine and a great combination of meal to have them and enjoyment with friends.



Beside the Northern Thali, they do serves the South Indian Thali, the set comes well with a different blend. The wholesome dish comes with the rotation of dishes in the set to ensure that the ingridients is fresh daily. This is where they have the choices of Gulab Jamun (Milk balls fried and poached in a sugar syrup) ,Mixed Veg Porial (stir Fried Vegetables), Potato Podimas (Potatoes mashed and sautéed with fragrant masalas), Bendi Porial (Lady fingers cooked and stir fried south Indian style), Vegetable Kootu (Lentils cooked with the vegetables of the day), Brinjal Kuzhambu (Sliced brinjal pieces cooked in a red gravy) ,Chapatti, Steam Rice, Papadum, Banana & Jalebi, Dry Chill and Pickles. It is then being served together with the Mooru (Buttermilk drink) which comes with the set together. Not too spicy on its dishes, the dish is packed with the goodies and what’s more is we are well stuffed and the price is reasonable.
For those who love to add some meat into their dishes, you can add chicken or mutton side for an additional RM 5.0. We had the Murgh Shahjani where the lovely chicken or mutton meat. It is well cooked with the rich cream ad together with the cashew nut milk. The lovely blend of of light spiciness together with the moist and juicy meat is just perfect to match with the rice.
Another is the Mutton Varuval where the mutton is being cooked together in a dry ground Masala South Indian style spicy sauce. The Mutton packed with the juiciness as well as the meat is tender too. Leaving us with the great aroma of the spicy sauce in it; the dish comes well to mix with the rice too.

Besides from the set meal do try their ala-carte menu too. They have a wide variety of ala-carte menu but one of its top seller is the Tandoori Chicken. The Tandoori chicken is actually marinated with yoghurt and tandoori masala where the reddish color is coming from and it is cooked in the tandoor clay oven. After a bite of the chicken, I love it so much where the chicken meat is complete with juiciness and the meat is moist too. Not forgetting the herbs is well absorb into the meat.
Prawn Jingha is the next item which is served. Cooked in onion and tomato masala ; the dish is simply tempting us. The fresh prawns swimming within the masala and the freshness of the prawns in it is just perfect to tempt us. The thick savory sauce is just nice to enjoy with some rice too.

For mutton lovers, do try their Roganjosh. The delicious tender juicy cubes of the boneless mutton is being cooked in 16 varieties of spices. The mutton is really flavorful where it is perfectly absorb with the spices giving us a right blend of spices in it.

Aside, Passage Thru India also starting their yoga classes too. For those, who are interested in their yoga classes, feel free to contact them.

Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,
+60 3-2145 0366

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