For those who are looking for a place for a event, romantic dining or even meeting with clients, Muugu is such a complete place that serves all your need. The restaurant which had opened their doors around 2 months ago is such a perfect place to pamper you with affordable western dishes without killing your pockets.

Located along the banglow houses in Bukit Bintang, the restaurant do have a spacious location for parking as well as comes with free ample parking space. So, no worries of getting your parking here! The building had reshaped to a more contemporary setting which is perfect for any occations.
As we entered the restaurant, we are greeted with a smile, leading to our seats. The beautiful brown theme colored with spacious sitting, dimmed lights and also romantic environment is such a perfect place for a dining. The restaurant design is pretty simple and yet bringing us with the classy look of it. Further into the restaurant is a long bar, ready to serve on cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

The menu comes pretty simple but the menu is pretty impressive where it is well divided into appetizers, mains and also desserts.

Started with the Dream of Mushroom Soup (RM 12.00); the mushroom soup comes thick and creamy where the wild mushroom is being blend and cooked for hours before served. Topped with the cream and truffle oil, the mushroom soup gives us a great blend of fragrance and it is served with few slices of baguette slice. The awesome hot soup is just perfect to warm my lil tummy before heading to other appetizers as well as mains.


Spicy Seafood De Marie (RM15.00) comes with the mouthful of tomato taste with the scrumptious ingridients in it. The soup served with the generous amount of clams and mussels in it. Deliciously done, the seafood comes fresh while the soup brings up with the light spiciness. The soup is flavorful indeed.

The Honey Glazed Chicken Wings (RM 15.00) is such a great appetizers to try off. The buffalo wings is juts superb and well marinated at its own way. Accompanying with it with their home made chilly sauce amd the taste of light spiciness with the chilly sauce is just fabulous.

Garlic Bread (RM6) overloaded with lots of garlic with the crunchiness at the side is such a delicious match too.

One of their signature, The Pan Fried Scallops with the Quill Egg (RM 23.00) are simply special. Attractive ly presented with the golden yellow presentation, the scallop is topped with the hats of fried quail egg on top and surrounded with the sweetcorn cream and a dash of beetroot puree. The dish is indeed a creative one and its scallops remains the juiciness and it match well with the creaminess of the quilled egg.

Truffle Fries (RM8.00) which is made from the Russet Burbank Potatoes is freshly done in the kitchen where the potatoes are cutted daily and deep fried till golden brown with their 100% vegetable oil. It is then being touched with the truffle oil. The awesome and addictive snacks to go which had become my favorite after a munch of it.

For fish lovers, do try their Pan fried Fillet of Salmon (RM29.00) were the Norwegian Salmon is served with the roasted vegetables as well. Accompanied together with the salmon include their homemade Wasabi mayonnaise. The petite sautéed potato which is soft and silky is laid on to it bringing a beautiful presentation. Not only that, the fish comes fresh with the flaky texture and the taste is sweet and flavorful too. Loving it !
The Oven Roasted Braised Chicken Thigh (RM23.00) doesn’t looks appealing when it is served but don’t judge a book by its cover; it’s good. The chicken thigh is being braised in white wine sauce and then it is being oven roasted bringing us the soft and juicy texture. The fragrant and flavourful sauce is being drenched on top of the chicken thigh. The meat is self is moist and juicy.

For Risotto lovers, do try their hearty plate of risotto that cooked together with the scrumptious seafood such as with mussels, prawn, clams, and squid, topped with Parmesan cheese. The Seafood Risotto (RM25.00) still remains the al-dente texture of the rice and each mouthful of it is indeed creanmy and thick.

Here comes the mains where you can choose the choices between the beef tenderloin, new york strip or ribeye (Beef tenderloin RM55.00/ New York Strip RM35.00/Ribeye RM42.00) , then pair with choice of potato fries, braised potato or sautéed potatoes- the earthy goodness; and also choice of greens ratatouille or baked greens.
As Muugu is serious on serving the best steak all time, they hold a strong persistence in the freshness, quality and cooking of the meat. All beef is 100% airflown from the best farms in Australia, delivered fresh and cooked to ordered everyday.
The meat is as good as it with the complete juiciness of it meat itself. If you love to enjoy your steak with some sauce, they comes up with 4 special sauce to enjoy with such as the red wine sauce, creamy black pepper, brown sauce and mushroom sauce. Each of it comes with the special blend by their kitchen themselves.
They do comes with specials too. Ask the staff for the catch of the day (RM 22.00)and you will get some surprises too. We had the deep fried snapper fillets added with the spicy sweet sauce and sided with pesto risotto and garden greens.
We ended our lamb with the Braised Lamb Shank (RM35.00). The lamb shank is being braised for hours and it is being served with the choice of of fries, mashed or sautéed potatoes, and ratatouille or mixed greens. The fall off meat of the lamb shank is indeed moist and juicy without leaving us with any gammy flavors in it too.
Sweet note to ends our heavy meal. Started with the Tiramisu (RM12.00); the Italian desserts had melts my heart after my first scope of it. The great airy finger biscuits with the creamy taste of it with the melts in the mouth, is such a divine and sweet end for me.
Oh no, they have more desserts too. KL Cheese Cake (RM12.00) which comes with the soft and creamy texture and it is topped with a scope of ice cream. Lovely.
The Chocolate Fondant (RM13.00) another signature is Muugu is definite to melts your heart. The desserts which is served with the thick molten chocolate where it’s lava oozing out when we cut through it. The thick creamy chocolate with the soft moist chocolate cake makes a perfect match. Not forgotten, adding the cold vanilla ice cream that makes the overall taste even better.
Refreshing desserts to ends the meals. The Strawberry Granita (RM9.00) brings us with the refreshing blends alike palate cleanser. With the fragrance strawberry blend and a light sugar in it, the taste is just awesome.

Muugu Garden Bistro, Bar & Grill
No. 32 Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: Opens daily from 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (lunch) / 6:00 p.m. till 10:30 p.m. (dinner)
Tel: 03-2110 3603


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