Kicking off with a high caffeine note, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®  is calling all espresso lovers to celebrate macchiato (mah-key-AH-toe) perfection with a flavour spin on the classic Latte Macchiato (“stained milk” or “marked milk” in Italian). Since the launch of The Coffee Bean’s Caramel Macchiato in October 2009, it remains an all-time favourite handcrafted espresso-based beverage that combines the intense flavours of bold espresso with the sweetness of caramel. Available until the first week of April at all Coffee Bean outlets nationwide (except LCCT and East Malaysia), customers can now also enjoy the new, limited-time delicious flavour: White Chocolate.

Always hitting the spot, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Macchiato is comprised of velvety-smooth, steamed milk with the choice of caramel or white chocolate; topped with a chiffon of foam and drizzle. Finally, a shot of espresso is poured over the top to “mark” the beverage. As the humidity begins to rise in Malaysia, The Coffee Bean’s Macchiato served over ice gets even more appealing: a crisp combination of fresh-tasting caramel and chocolate flavours with cold coffee that will certainly regulate your body temperature-to-comfort ratio.

The White Chocolate Macchiato is a limited-time addition to The Coffee Bean’s Macchiato range; capturing the exquisite sweetness of white chocolate and the lingering melt-in-the-mouth intensity of espresso flavour. A deliciously creamy and silky textured drink, the White Chocolate Macchiato uncovers an evolving flavour each time it’s sipped: from its welcome layer of java-sweetness to its decadent milk-chocolaty endings.

While perfection lies in the taste bud of the beholder, it is undeniably true that coffee and chocolate are a naturally decadent and the most recognizable culinary pairing. This long-standing favourite duo, when combined, they form a flavour powerhouse of complex coffee aromas enhancing the undertones of the chocolate. For this, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has continued to enhance its food-and-drink pairings, and today, The Coffee Bean’s Macchiato comes with the newly launched Triple Chocolate Muffin crafted from premium ingredients. Bursting with chocolaty goodness and boasting a pleasing moist texture, the Triple Chocolate Muffin is a guaranteed palate pleasure.

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