A new standard in instant noodles was introduced late 2012 by Mamee-Double Decker Sdn Bhd with the launch of their new MAMEE Chef at Restoran Rebung in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

MAMEE Chef’s noodles are made using the La Mian (Mi Tarik) or ‘pulled noodles’ technique that originated from China during the 15th century. Dough is kneaded, stretched and pulled to produce fine noodle strands that result in springier noodles with a smooth texture.

The greatest difference between MAMEE Chef and other instant noodles is the extra ingredients that come with it. Delicious vegetables and bite-sized prawns are included in every pack.

In its quest to create the perfect flavour, MAMEE teamed up with renowned celebrity chef, Dato’ Chef Ismail. Dato’ Chef Ismail is a familiar name in the cooking scene, both locally and internationally. Together, MAMEE and Chef Ismail have created an original Thai Tom Yam recipe made with fresh ingredients, herbs and spices as MAMEE Chef’s debut flavour.

The MAMEE Chef range will feature many unique local flavours in the future. With rich soups, great taste and a divine aroma, MAMEE Chef is truly made like no other. According to MAMEE’s CEO, Datuk Wira Pang Tee Chew, “We (at MAMEE) are redefining the category. This new offering will give people more than what they expect from instant noodles. Its noodle texture, recipe and ingredients creates a whole new standard for fans of instant noodles.” And after the successful launch of Tom Yam flavour, in May 2013, MAMEE CHEF introduced 2 new flavours to the market; Laksa Kari and Ayam Pedas Shiitake. This 2014, Mamee Chef has few launches planned, that will definitely excite the market. Mamee Chef is bringing more authentic recipes closer to you

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