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Sirocco at Holiday Inn Melaka brings us with the selection of Italian delights. Sirocco boasts a wood fire oven and also having the open concept kitchen is such a perfect concept where diners can watch how the chef prepare the awesome meal. The menu is pretty simple which is just a one page board glowed in orange, featuring several categories from appetizer, soup, pizza, pasta, main course and dessert.

While waiting for our meal being served, we are served with their mushroom soup- Zuppa di Funghi, Aromatizzo al Tartuffoc (RM 19.50). The fragrant thick creamy soup with the field of fresh mushroom served and it is added with the truffle oil ontop which makes the soup even perfect. The soup is fragrant with the lovely mushroom taste. I love it.
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For a colorful antioxidant-loaded plate of greens, try the Cappesante Saltate Con Dadola di Vegetali (RM25.50). Scallops with vegetable stew made in capsicum, shitake mushroom, oyster mushroom, button mushroom, zucchini and carrot. It was such a perfect blend with healthy mix in it.
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Filleto di Melizzo al Porno (RM68.00) where the oven roasted cod fish with leonburre blanc sauce was such an artful blend of velvety unctuousness and zesty richness that we licked the plate clean.

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Next we had the pasta- Gamberoni (RM32). Cooked al-dente, the pasta is being served with king prawn, chili, garlic, parsley and arugula. The pasta is heavenly as it is bringing much flavours and light spiciness with it.

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If you must finish on a sweet note, there are variety of desserts to try off. One of their signature is the Tiramisu Tradizionale (RM19.80). Served with the Mascarpone Trifle, Savoryard, Kahlua and Bailey’s Cream Sauce, the desserts is such a killer making me totally fall in love with it. Melts in the mouth, infused with the fragrant Kahlua, it is just perfect and tempting.

Holiday Inn Melaka
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