Tucked around the residential area, Tasty BBQ House is one of the hidden jewel where their char siew is good. Located around Taman Universiti which is residential area, the shop serves a variety of the bbq goodies from char siew to siew yok and more.


Chef Sam Liew who is the owner and the chef of Tasty BBQ himself, claims that he learned the culinary skills and experiences since he was 17. Learning from many places including local restaurant, to other countries like Hong Kong and Indonesia had led him to understand more on the beauty of roasting and techniques too.

Starting with his signature- The Char Siew where it is perfectly well glazed with the sugar and honey with it. The char siew is perfectly glazed and bbq-ed, where it is repeating every 10 to 15 minutes apart had made the charsiew absorb the flavors and the crisp edge. The thick sugar honey drewed my attention where it stick within the teeth and fragrance of the bbq-ed melts in my mouth. The char siew brings the overwhelming flavours with the juicy texture with the addictive blend.

The siew yok fares a good points from us too. The siew yok skin is crunchy as it is and filled with flavours and what more it’s skin is crunchy!. The siew yok do bring sa moist flavours from it meat. Delicious.

We are being served with their BBQ chicken too. The chicken is well bbq-edwith the flavours and the meat is moist and juicy. We love the chilly sauce which is accompanied together with it where the chilly is not too spicy and yet having the blend of garlic accompanied it makes dipping with it even better.
On the other hand, the BBQ-ed duck is having its secret recipes in it where the flavours is slightly different from the usual BBQ-ed duck we have. The BBQ-ed duck is infused with the fragrant herbs in it. It is not too much of the herb taste in it but the portion is just right that it had enhanced the overall taste. The duck is fragrant as it is well blend together with the juiciness and tender of the meat itself.

They do served the sesame braised chicken. Nothing much to complan about nor nothng to shout about too, it is just a simple braised chicken which is being braised and top with the generous amount of sesame on top.





Not just serving the BBQ items, they do have wanton noodles as well as porridge. We give a skip to the porridge for this time, and get the taste of the wanton noodles. Chef Sam is pretty particular on its noodles where he ask his noodle making friend to help to make a better noodles where he gave him the recipes to do so. This is because buying the noodles machine is very costly and making noodles is taking much time too. As so, he leaves the work to the experrts to help him out. The wantan noodles here is pretty alike the Hong Kong style where the wanton is pretty a huge one with scrumptious of ingridients in it. The noodles is springy too even though we had taken quite a long time for the photography.

Overall, the prices from the plate of chicken rice is reasonable where it ranges from RM4.80 and above. It is such a great place for meal here where they have so much to pamper us with the good food.

Restoran Tasty BBQ House
47 Jalan SS 3/29, Taman Universiti, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
+60 12-616 8321

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