Now is your chance to indulge in Pizza Hut’s great tasting signature dishes at half the price, all-day and everyday! Pizza Hut recently introduced its Wow Savers promotion, a tempting 50 percent discount deal on all of its signature dishes everyday from Monday to Sunday, lunch or dinner!

Pizza Hut’s Wow Savers offers a variety of choices at an irresistible price. With three items highlighted every day, customers have the chance to enjoy great food at an affordable price.

“New items such as the Cream Cheese Baked Rice, Chef’s Favourite Caesar Salad, Mushroom Chicken Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Chicken Sausages with Cheese Dip are among our newest delicious creation included in the 21 items for the Wow Savers promotion,” said Low Kang Moon, Senior General Manager, Pizza Hut Malaysia.

“With this much variety at half the price every day, we are confident that customers will flock to Pizza Hut restaurants and enjoy the best affordable dining experience ever,” he added.

For dine-in, the Wow Savers highlights three food items ranging from main meal, side, drink or dessert which are half price on each specific day – Monday to Sunday. The signature dish choices featured on Monday with a 50 percent discount are the Personal Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, four pieces of Honey BBQ Wings and Asam Boi Fizz! Tuesday includes Cream Cheese Baked Rice, Chef’s Favourite Chicken Salad, and Tropicana Twister Orange and the list goes on for each day. However, Saturday is the most fun as you can choose from the Favourite Platter, Garlic Bread and Soup of the Day or Double Delight ice-cream.

The Wow Savers is also available for delivery and take-away service through the Hot Pair Deals purchase. Order on Monday and you’ll be able to enjoy 50 percent discount on the Deli Smoked Wings (2 pieces) or two soup-of-the-day. Saturday offers choices of Spicy Chicken Fingers (8 pieces) or two garlic bread and four soup-of-the-day.

The advertising and promotion strategies for Pizza Hut Wow Savers include TV commercials, press advertisements as well as digital platforms.

The Wow Savers at Pizza Hut is now available at all Pizza Hut restaurants in the country except for Pizza Hut KLCC, Genting Highlands and Wangsa Maju. Wow Savers is also available for delivery and take-away order through the Hot Pair Deals purchase with a slightly different menu item but the same super-low price. The Wow Savers is available from Monday to Sunday all-day (except on public holidays) for a limited time only so you better hurry! Terms and conditions apply.

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