Have you heard of the Kelantanese Delights which is the Nasi Kukus? Nasi Kukus is one of the item which is famous among the Kelantanese. Now you can grab your Nasi Kukus now at the Oasis Food Court in Mid Valley which is located just next to the Machines Shop. The kiosk by the name of Mama Yu do serves a good Nasi Kukus
Opened last month in Oasis Food Court, the two young entrepreneur had learned to cook the Nasi Kukus from one of their relatives in Kelantan – Mak Yu. The kiosk is serving Nasi Kukus as well as Nasi Lemak.


The nasi kukus brings us with the fragrant and decent home dish. The rice is not too sticky or wet which is just perfect to my likings. It is then drenched with the flavorful gulai on top where you can find 2 types of gulai and 1 sambal. Drenched with the kuah kerutuk – the authentic gravy from Kelantan is simply fragrant and thick. Not only kuah kerutuk, it is also added with gulai kawah together with sambal belachan. The nasi kukus made a complete meal with adding some stir fried vegetables and the L-Shape of chicken drumstick with it. Perfect for a meal.
Price: RM 8.90

Now you can get your Nasi Kukus at their kiosk now

MamaYu 1st kiosk:
Ming Tien Restaurant
Jalan Pjs 11/28a, Bandar Sunway.

MamaYu 2nd kiosk:
Restaurant Nam Yiang
Jalan Pjs 7/22, Bandar Sunway.

MamaYu 3rd kiosk:
Mid Valley Oasis Food court, lot no.10

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