When we talk about “yum cha” ; everyone will interpreted a place for bubble tea or perhaps some coffee places. But here, you get me wrong, not having coffee or bubble tea but this place brings you with the dim sums all day long. The translation of “yum cha” in Malaysia is different in other countries where we get them as a place to hang out for a drink where we can gather around, chatting and gossiping.

Located within the walls of Plaza Menjalara, the 8 months old restaurant is well decorated with the traditional-themed environment boasts red-lantern light fixtures that shine upon marbled tables, wooden stools, and dim sum lovers. The eatery brings us with variety of wide assortment of handmade bite –sized dim sums which is served in the bamboo steamers with the choice of variety of traditional tea. Everything in the restaurant is freshly made by the chef and in here you can enjoy your dim sum the whole day long which I love the most. Now I do not need to worry about where to get my dim sum craving now. There will be a pushcard around the restaurant during the peak period but during the normal hours, you can get have your dim sum ordered via the menu and they will send over to your table which is simply fresh and pipping hot.
With over 56 types of dim sums, you would never be bored of trying them everytime. We started with the Polo Bun 菠蘿包 (RM6.00) which brings us with the creamy taste of the golden color and inside you can find chunks of cut pineapple too.

The Honey BBQ Pork Puff 蜜汁叉燒酥 (RM4.80) brings us with the crispy fluffy crust and also in the inside you get the delicious minced meat in it. Deliciously done, with no thick fats in it. Yummz!
Next we had the MUST for dimsum which is the Siu Mai魚子燒賣 (RM4.80) and Har Gau 原味鮮蝦餃 (RM5.50). Siew Mai here is well done with the mixture pork and shrimps where it is more juicy and not too heavy too eat it too. Not only that, it brings a bouncy texture too.
Har gau is good too which is where they have few shrimps wrapped with the thin dumpling skin. It is perfectly worth for the money to have the Har gau here.
Next will be the Shanghai Pork Dumpling 小籠包 (RM6.50). The fresh flavorful minced meat with the sweet soup which is inside the dumpling is nice. Filled with the sweet soup and fresh meat in a munch is just good to pamper myself with my dumpling craze.

We also have the Yong Tau Fu 釀四宝 (RM8.00)where the fish paste is being stuffed with the bitter guard, eggplant and chili. The items are being cooked in a thick sauce which is very flavorful. The fish paste is bouncy and delicious too.

– Yam Pork Ribs 芋香汁排骨-
– Spicy Chicken Feet 香辣鳳爪 (RM3.80)-
Not only that, they have Yam Pork Ribs 芋香汁排骨 (RM4.80) and Spicy Chicken Feet 香辣鳳爪 (RM3.80). Since I am not a fans of Yam and Chicken Feet, I’ll give it a skip for both the items.
As for the deep fried item, we had the Deep Fried Black Pepper Flavoured Bacon Roll 黑椒熏肉卷 (RM6.00). The homemade squid balls are wrapped with bacon and it is being deep fried. Topped with the fragrant black pepper mayonnaise, the item is simply delicious with the smoky taste and a kick of the black pepper sauce.
For cheese lover , the Deep Fried Squid Ball With Cheese 芝士章鱼丸 (RM6.00) is good too. It brings a more rich and creamy flavor. Pretty rich flavors of the cheese and it goes well with the fried squids too.
Next we have the Stir Fried Radish Cake 香炒蘿蔔糕 (RM6.00) where the hearty dish is being stir fried with the bean sprouts, preserved radish, lap cheong, egg, chives, and cubed radish cake. Slightly lack of wok hei but the radish cake is still good as well. It brings the fragrant of the radish with crisp edge as well as a taste of the dried shrimps with it . Deliciously made cakes which is fill with the fragrant blend.
Deep Fried Salad Shrimp 米網沙律蝦卷 (RM5.50) is another item which is popular in I Love Yum Cha. The huge pulpy shrimps which is being breadcrumb and it is then being deep fried till golden brown leaving a crunchy layer on top and inside comes with the juicy shrimps.
Bean Curd Sheets and Shrimps Wrapped with Rice Noodle Roll 鮮蝦腐皮腸粉 (RM6.00) is also one of the famous item in dim sum. You can choose either with Barbeque Pork or Shrimps. Wrapped within the Rice Noodles, it is then being steamed with soy sauce. Bringing you the smooth delights, I am pretty falling in love with it.
Fried Dough wrapped with Rice Noodle Roll 炸兩腸粉 (RM4.80) is also another item we had. Crispy in the outside and chewy in the inside, it makes a great match with the smooth rice sheet and the texture is smooth too.


If you love to have some buns, you can try some of their steam bun choices. The Salted Egg Custard Bun 咸蛋流沙包 (RM5.50)is something special to try off. Using the salted egg added into the bun filling making very special .

When I see them, it is so cute and if love it, it’s only available during weekends. The little sweet Piggy Bun 豬仔包 (RM6.50)is super cute to be eaten and it stays till end of our meal.
The Char Siew Bun here is different from many dim sum shop where their char siew bun is the BBQ Pork Bun with Mandarin Orange Peel 橙皮叉燒包 (RM6.00). By adding mandarin orange peel into the pau, it leaves a light fragrant of mandarin orange aroma at the bun itself. As for the meat, it brings us with a more meaty flavors where you can’t find pork fats in it. Nice
Next we had the Hot and Spicy Pork Dumpling 紅油辣子餃 where the dumpling is soaked with a vinegar on top.
Squid Balls 上湯章魚丸 (RM6.00) here is being served in a clear soup with the glass noodles hidden beneath. The taste is light and soothing with the bouncy squid balls.
Deep Fried Sesame Coated Mochi with Lotus Seed Paste 金黃芝麻棗 (RM3.80) ended our heave meal. The sweet filling of the chewy bites of the glutinous sensation is sinfully delicious too.

We ended with my favorite which is the Durian Spring Roll 榴莲卷(RM6.00).
Being a durian lover, I am definitely pampered with the great durian sensation where the durian is being wrapped with the crispy skin. The rich and creamy durian paste is definite my favorite which is really indulging.
Not only that, we also learned about how the brewing of the tea is being done. A very detailed of learning from the tea sifu is indeed very fruitful. The ways of drinking each tea is different. Overall I love Yum Cha is a great place to enjoy your dim sum and tea where it give us a quality dim sum as well as great taste of tea drinking too.

I love Yum Cha
Plaza Manjalara,
Jalan 8/62a, Taman Manjalara,
52200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 7.30am- 12.00 midnight
Contact:03-6732 5308
Website: iloveyumcha.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iloveyumcha

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