In what was possibly the first creative initiative of its kind; 1 Shamelin KL, a recently opened shopping mall, launched the KL STREET ART FESTIVAL 2013 (#KLSAF).

-Grand Price-

From a ground breaking news perspective, this is the first Mall in Asia to have officially invited Youth Street Artists to express their creativity on existing store shutters throughout the Mall.

In the current contemporary news environment, where much discussion has recently been made by the public about appreciating the uniqueness of Malaysian Street Art versus acceptance by municipal by-laws, the KL Street Art Festival appears to have been the only outlet to-date to sanction Street Art in all its expressiveness.

– 1st Runner Up-
– 1st Runner Up-

Sporting RM16,500 in cash prizes and Malaysia’s Best Street Artist Trophy 2013, the street art project was part of 1 Shamelin KL’s unique mission and vision – to be a Hub for Malaysian Young Entrepreneur Ideas.

According to 1 Shamelin KL spokesperson, Gail Ong, Marcom Manager, “1 Shamelin KL was designed to be a place for young people or young ideas to start businesses. Everyone has this independent streak inside them, especially Malaysians. Hence, 1 Shamelin KL is a place for Malaysians to express their ideas and creativity, via art or business.

2nd Runner Up
2nd Runner Up

“Our vision is to break free from the standard square box, unlike a Mall selling the same standard generic brands that you would find in every Mall today. Imagine the Platinum Mall of Bangkok or Dong Dae Mun of Seoul and you’ll understand 1 Shamelin KL.

“Our Goal is to continuously invite Young Adults to come in and voice out their creativity through different phases that we have pre-planned from now through 2014.

“We are a place for Malaysians with young ideas to start fresh businesses which would not be encouraged elsewhere by Malls that only favor large established brands. Here we believe appreciation of creativity is universal, no matter where you come from,” said Gail Ong.

The KL Street Art Festival was coordinated with the help of Malaysia Youth Community or MYC!

According to MYC! CEO, Jason Ko, “As far as we know, there has never been a project like this where a Mall designed for Youth and Young Malaysians openly invites Youth Artists to come in and express themselves for a chance to win RM 16,500 in Cash prizes. For student graphic designers, interior designers and so forth participating, this is a chance in a lifetime to paint on a metal shutter surface.

How often do Malls open up their doors to invite University Design students to freely draw and paint – permanently!

“1 Shamelin KL is unique as a Mall that has partnered with our Malaysian Youth Community, in that it is a Mall literally designed by the visitors,” said Jason.

Over 100 student designers painted their intrinsically unique designs over two weekends on Dec 7, 8th and Dec 14, 15th respectively. The students were mainly design, graphic and arts students from Saito College, MSU and Dasein College of Art. Most designers operated independently and some in groups.

Over 100 shutters were painted, divided over three Major Asian City Themes; KL, Tokyo and Seoul city life. Artists were encouraged to share their creativity based on the themes, using the shutters as canvas.

Student Ken Lee from Saito College took home the Grand Prize of RM10,000 while a collaborative effort between Loo Loh Hwa and her friends from Dasein College won the second prize of RM3,000. Meanwhile, the third prize of RM2,000 went to Pang Yi Jin, also of Saito College.  Best Category Award, each worth RM500 were awarded to Lucas Law (Saito College), Mohd Redzuan (MSU) and Angel Ng (Saito College).

According to a student designer who took part, Ramli Mohamed,” This was the first time that I actually used real Dulux paint in a City Street Art project. Painting over different surfaces such as metal shutters taught me to judge paint absorption by different surfaces. The outcome can be drastically different if you don’t understand your raw material used for art expression. The fast-drying and low odour Dulux Water-Based Gloss which did not require thinner helped a lot. And the best thing is, my Art will remain here for the Public to admire!”

“In tune with Dulux’s mission to add colour to people’s lives, the KL Street Art Festival 2013 provides Malaysian youths a positive outlet to voice their creativity and inspire people to live more colourful lives,” said Mr. CW Goh, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Paints (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd which is the manufacturer of Dulux paints.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be part of this initiative. This is but one of many occasions of how we deliver our mission of “Adding colour to people’s lives” and it is our sincere hope that we would be able to touch the lives of those around it including the environment, businesses and community”, added Goh.

The KL Street Art Festival 2013 was officially launched with a Grand Finale on 21st December 2013, where all shutter art were unveiled to the public. In conjunction with the Grand Finale, there was also a KL Street Art Festival Flea Market for two days from 21st to 22nd December 2013.

At the Flea Market, KL Street Art Festival also featured a “Live Unplugged” Singing Competition with RM1,500 cash prizes up for grabs as well as the 1 Shamelin Youth Skateboarding Challenge. FaSHOEnista or a celebration of Art Shoes was featured at the Flea Market as well.

As part of the initiative, TLC Hypermarket, who was one of the sponsors, took the opportunity to carry out its CSR initiatives by making a donation to typhoon and flood victims in the Philippines and Terengganu respectively, as well as Pusat Kanak-kanak Istimewa Kajang.

The main sponsors for the KL Street Art Festival included 1 Shamelin KL shopping mall, TLC hypermarket and Dulux. Malaysia Youth Community or MYC! supplied the budding youth artists.

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