Ribs By Vintry in Bukit Damansara is one of the places to enjoy good ribs. The restaurant is located at Jalan Kasah where it is situated in a cozy neighborhood area which is worth to take a visit there. Bring the comfortable environment with the yellow dimmed lights with the beautiful brick walls and the wholesome warm lighting; it is perfectly a great place for a romantic dining with your love one or even with friends. If you are big fans of rib, it is definite that you would fall in love with the place itself.

The sinful “appetizer” which is one of my favorites since I tried them back in Ampang, I am always getting the Vintry Roast Pork (RM8/100g) at their branch in Jaya 33, The roast pork is perfectly good with the juicy meat which is prepared using their homemade recipe. The meat leaves us with the juiciness and it is not too fat too. Moist meat with the crispy juicy skin is what I love about it.


The Beef Carpaccio (RM25.00) is served with slices Parmesan cheese, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil with it. If you are a beef lover, perhaps the dish is good to start up the meal.



The Duck Rilettes (RM26) is perfectly a delicious appetizer. The terrine of tiny shreds of tender, succulent duck melded together like a pâté, and it is served together with the baguette slices. It is really appetizing and a nice appetizers to

Next is the Spicy Chili Mussel Soup. The creamy spicy delight is well done with the fresh mussels in it. The delicious spicy chili mussel soup is well indulged with the fresh mussel and now I wish to have a bowl of rice where I can have the gravy mix with rice and mussel which will be good.


Grilled Portobello Mushroom (RM 29) is another favorite of mine, The Ribs’ Grilled Portobello Mushroom is beautifully served in truffle oil. I love the mushroom taste and it is really enjoyable and appetizing when having them.


Chef Pasta (RM 36) is also something special here in Ribs itself. The tomato-base spaghetti which is being pan fried with the Taiwanese sausages, bacon mushrooms and pork croutons. Deliciously made with the scrumptious porky ingredients do comes to my favorites.


The Rosemary-baked Baby Iberico (RM79) is deliciously made. The porky dish is served with the baked potatoes and garden vegetables too. It is pretty much a good dish to tryout. The meat is tender juicy with the well glazed rosemary herbs really brought out its flavors of the rosemary herbs which hides infused within it too.


Next is the Ribs by Vintry’s Rosemary Baked Chicken (RM 36) is also one of my favorite where it comes with the well baked chicken thigh with chanterelle mushroom cream. Well baked till perfection, the sauce is well absorb into the chicken and it melts in the mouth with the great aroma from the sauce itself .


Ribs lover would not missed the delicious ribs. The Braised Beef Ribs (RM69) were served to our palate. The ribs are really a good one where the ribs is being braised with the red wine herbs sauce. Bringing the tender and moist meat, the ribs does not appear to have any gammy flavors in it too.


The Sakura Pork Steak was one of their new dishes. The sakura pork is being grilled till perfectionist and it is then being laid with apple scramble on top which give a perfect combination. The meaty delight with the sweet sourish apple crumble on top is something special to try out at Ribs by Vintry. The lean portion of the meat brings us with a more juicy texture which is a good one too.


All time favorite Pork Ribs (RM42 (S), RM52 (L)) is one of Ribs By Vintry signature dish, Serving in a large portion, the meat is simply juicy and moist. I am just falling in love with the ribs which is perfectly delicious.


We ended with some desserts of course. The Ribs’ Rum & Raisin Waffle is well prepared with the ice cream on top. Beautifully presented, the waffle brings with a great sweet touch after the meal. Delicious!


We also had the Molten Chocolate Cake did not disappoint in supplying a sweet ending. The warm lava seeped out to the white plate with the enjoyment with a scope of ice cream served together with it.


Not to be missed is the Chocolate brownie (RM 14) which is another signature from Ribs By Vintry. Bringing the chocolate sensation with a scope of vanilla ice cream is just perfect to end the hearty meals.

Ribs by Vintry
Address: 120-122, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +(603) 2096 1645
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.vintry.com.my/v2/ribs_outlet.htm

Opening Hours:
12.00pm till 11.00pm. Kitchen closes from 3.00pm till 6.00pm.
Seven days a week. Closed on certain public holidays, please call to enquire.

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